Beast of Gevaudan

Beast of Gevaudan

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The first attack that adequately put a description to the beast that was terrorizing the region ofGevaudan was first noted to take place on June 1, 1764.  It happened when a woman fled from what she described as an enormous lupine beast.  She said she was walking by a stretch of wooded area when the beast appeared from the shadows of the dark forest.  The best emerged from the woods and took charge directly for her.  From what the woman recalls, she saw her life flash before her eyes before a local farmer's bull chased the beast back into the forest.  The actual first victim of the beast was Jeanne Boulette.  She was 14 at the time of her attack near the village of Hu Bucs in France, not far from where the first sighting took place.  It was a mere 29 days later.  

As a result of the murmur that was going on about the villages, King Louis XV offered a substantial reward for any person who could bring him the pelt of such a beast.  He sent professional woodsman Jean-Charles-Marc-Antone into the woods to find the beast, which they did.  They  slew the beast and brought the king the pelt thereof.  The king was so please that he commissioned the huntsman to go and capture another of the beasts.  After the third pelt, the kind desired a fourth and so on and so forth.  It seemed to the huntsman that the king had a very dire thirst for animal fir.  However, the truth behind the desire for the pelts is much more sinister.  

Not long after, King Louis VX began parading around in his animal pelt, he discover that while wearing the animal pelt, he could also transform into one of the beasts that were captured.  The magic in the pelt came form the fact that the beasts that were being slain were not simple wolves.  They were humans in the form of wolves, whose magic had allowed them so shape-shift into these beings.  Why they hunted humans I'm not sure.  I personally believe it had something to with a human sacrifice they were doing in the woods, but that's just my own speculation. 

The King began distributing these pelts to the top members of his aristocracy and they'd go on human hunts, until one of his closest friends were killed during a hunt by a young woodsman who was then killed to cover up the king's secret.  The pelts were kept in a secret storage unit in the attach of the castle in which the king resided.  Only once a year would he put on the pelt and hunt for human flesh-- the night of all Hallows Eve.  Naturally, this was the night that the spooks were supposed to prance  around and frolic, so they did.  

To this day, the pelts still exist and are worn by French military commanders, political elites, and other haughty-taughty members of the noveau French Aristocracy.  Since they have exhausted all of the pelts, empowered pieces are now distributed among those who want to take part of the festivity.  Naturally, you never hear about these killings because the people who take part this dark ritual cover up the murders.  You don't have to necessarily take my word on this one, because we have acquired one of these shapeshifting pieces.  

Listen, this piece does not have to have an evil connotation to it.  You can use it for the pure use of shapeshifting.  It holds the enchantment of the original beasts whose magic was homemade and summons the overlords of sorcery.  We actually have several of these items.  With one of these items, you will be allowed to change form-- to shapeshift-- into a werewolf.  In fact, you can change into any type of creature you want-- and you don't have to hunt humans and you can do it more than on Halloween night.  This has just because the French elite ritual.  You can use your piece as freely as you want, whenever you want, however you want.  Let the shapeshiftingbegin!!