Three Bands of Astraios: Money, Seduction, Love (with a twist!)1
Three Bands of Astraios: Money, Seduction, Love (with a twist!)1

Three Bands of Astraios: Money, Seduction, Love (with a twist!)1

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Astraios is the Titan God of the stars and planets.  He is also the god of the art of astrology.  This means that it is through him that the secret messages that are contained in the star maps of the universe are controlled.  It is through this art and his power that the star maps even exist.  He is the ones the allow psychics and astrologists the ability to be able to gaze into the stars to predict the future for people based on a certain sun sign they have.  He is also the one that is in charge of all things that have to do with astral magic and witchcraft.  

By using the energies and powers that are radiated into the universe by the glow of each individual star we can create a different and unique power.  By creating these powers in conjunction with another starts energy you can create a different power.  Thus, there are innumerable combinations of energies that will create different complex energies and different types of spells.  The people who gain the knowledge of Astraios are called Astral witches and have full reign over the powers of the spells that are hidden in our universe.  

These bracelets have been made by an Astral witch that we confer with about powers from time to time.  This time she has helped up create a series of bracelets that each hold a distinct power of their own.  However, when used together these three bracelets create something different and exciting. The power in the first bracelet contains the power of true love.  There is no two ways about this power, it does what it says it does.  It works to bring you true and naturally occurring love.  The second bracelet in this set is for seduction.  By using the powers in this bracelet you can seduce and please your partner.  You will do this by having the ability to please your partner's entire body, not just his or her hotspots.  Instead, they will feel sheer joy as they experience pulsating orgasms through their entire body as the two bodies joined together become one sex organ of astral energy. Of course you could just use this piece's seduction power to control the minds of others too, should you so choose.  Finally, the power of the third bracelet is wealth.  This is pretty self explanatory. The energy will come to you, bond with you, and then reach out to secure wealth for you in many different forms.  

The final power in this piece is when all three pieces are actually used in conjunction as one piece.  This will transform the palm of your hand into a human charging box.  When you place an object in your hand, it will charge it up to 5000x its previous levels within one minute of holding it in your hand.  It uses a combination of astral energy and the body's own soul energy. 


If these do not sell I don't care as I love them! I like all the colors and how they look and how they feel when I wear them. The colors are the darker pink/red ,mauve,purple and a silvery gray. You get three bracelets in each purchase. To use them to charge up an item you would wear all three at once.