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This is the only one of it's kind and you will never get or find another. This is a modern sterling silver necklace that opens but the stones are very old and came from some sway crown in London. A sway crown is one made for taking pictures and not the real jewels of the royals.


 This is a item of extreme black magic.  I have to start getting rid of some of the stuff because it's not all white light anc candy canes when you travel like I do. You never know what your going to come across. So here is the story of old Jack.


For those of you who have followed the evidence and story of Jack the Ripper you know there are many theories and much to be said. But that aside let us just look at the evidence of how bodies were placed and location,what does it mean. In that era of enlightenment we had many people who practiced black magic and it was at it's finest,if you want to call it that. I myself stay away from such things but when you know your stuff as I do you will recognize the real deal when you see it. This is it.


I'm sure many of you know the French magician Eliphas Levi who was able to communicate with demons and very low spirits and then get them to do what he wanted them to do. They were at his bidding. Now when your done reading this I also want you to look over all my websites and see if you can find just one,just one demon for sale. I bet you can't! You know why? Because there are but a few ways to actually bind a demon to do as you wish. You people are mere mortals that look at death each day and they laugh at you. I mean they have a serious he haw! When I see the demon rings being sold I just shake my head. Not only that but they get sold for so little too! I mean were talking a demon that has been bound and you want 50.00,seriously! I'm not going to make fun or call out other sellers at all,but I do have a right to state my own FACTS! Not opinions. Do your research,demons are not your friends,end of story! In fact I will not forget just recently the seller who posted on FB about this wonderful demon who wanted to be your friend,who was highly sexual,who loved humans and was better then a djinn. When I got done laughing to near a episode in my panties and I just shook my head and then someone commented that they had to have him! I thought WTF!! This was just days after this idiot seller posted about Robin Williams coming to her and then a comment about how he is now a Leprechaun in his next life??!!??!??? WTF!!!!! Are you people brain dead!!! Do you have a mind of your own???? Screw it,are you retarded????


Now I know my customers are not a bunch of flaked out retards ( excuse me if you don't like the term but my website and leave if you don't like it!) Yes retards! I know those here are not stupid! Robin Williams is NOT a freaking Leprechaun! And then this seller whent on to say how he was jumping up and down and how she wishes she could contact her daughter. Really??!!! Really??? Well miss full of shit I hate to say it but you apparently read the news and do no research,aka causing you to show your full of shit again but Mr. Williams has two sons too! Sorry to burst your psychic bubble! Also as I am a REAL,REAL,REAL psychic I can tell you that the dead will only come to a medium IF they can reach the party they need to speak to. So how is this beyond ugly dog faced witch who is or wants to cash in on a familes grief going to fly her ass from red neckville to Cali??? Now you want to know why I'm so mad at what seems so ash in the wind? Because it is stuff like this that gives the good sellers,the real psychics a bad name! It is uncalled for! I think this was all for attention as she blasts all kinds of crap about her personal life online. Even her kid being called a cracker,well honey if some snot nosed little bastard called my little kid a cracker I would do something about it,stand up and be a parent you idiot and stop living in a fantasy land where your speaking to celebrities that don't even know you exist!  Heck I need to make this my day in the life,but no I'm holding out! Besides that I have to tell you all something Lindy's son said to her. Every day I think about it and I smile! 


So moving on... I know when I'm typing you can all tell who is doing it.


Back to old jack!


So anyway,Levi had the concoction and the real magic to bring about demonic destruction even though I have no idea why any sane person wouod want to do that. So here it is.


You must have the worst kind of stuff to create this and here is your list.


You must commit or have commited by someone 6 murders and they must be laid out on a cross like pattern. Look up a map of the Jack the RIpper murders and the streets that he killed them on will form your cross. I'm serious,look it up. Now you might say "well that could be a coincidence" Sure it could but there is more.

You will need the head of a black cat that has fed on human flesh for 40 days.

You must long pieces of skin from a suicide victim.

You must have candles made from human fat.

You must have nails that come from a gallows that a murder was hung on.

You must have also have made a liquid potion from the ground body of a prostitue.


Now tell me this,can you get these things today? You could but you would have to travel to a third world country so commit the crimes in order to get these things.


So what was Jack's motive? His motive was immortality and power while he planned to libve forever and have no problems in doing so. The only way he coud do that was to get immortality given to him,granted to him and along with that everything he would need at his beck and call.  So that is what your looking at here.


Green stone,candles made from fat

Orange stone,nails from the gallows

Blue Stone,Pieces of the suicide victim

Pink stone,Body of the prostitute

Clear stone,head of the black cat


Do you need to change them out,no. This makes of the spectrum,the magic that must be kept together in order to get what you want. Do you have full control over this thing and can you make it do good,YES. Yes because there is only one way to do this,only one formula and I just gave it to you. This is why it is so rare to have a read demon in your home that you bought. It's just insane to think any other way and it can get you seriously hurt if you buy into the fake demons because in fact your calling them by accepting them even if they are not real,you open yourself up and you have NO control at all!


So bottom line is that Jack did all the work for you. You can obtain what you want if you decide to. This is one of a kind and there will not be another one.