Guardian of the Dead, Conjurer of Souls,aka pussy face

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This piece channels the presence of a certain demon-like creature named Empusa.  She was created by Hecate to guard the road to the Underworld from intruders who do not belong there.  She, along with two other entities that Hecate has created to assisted Empusa, hid behind objects on the road to the Underworld.  When someone who was not meant to be there or showed up unauthorized they would jump out from behind their hiding places and scream at the traveller, much like the banshee screams in the night.  Only this being will snatch and devour the soul right out of whomever or whatever was the source of intrusion, leaving them as a pile of stones by the side of the road.  Now, how's that for a guardian? 

We have summoned her, not because we want to be able to snatch people's souls.  Rather, we have toned her presence down a bit with a little magic of our own and tweeked until we came up with a solution that works for our piece.  Now, instead of hiding in the shadows, Empusa will be your guide to summon other souls that exist on the plain of the afterlife.  She is no longer a dark demon-creature.  She is more or less a servant, spirit guardian rather and devourer of souls.  With this being said, she has been channelled into this piece.  When you call upon Empusa, you will tell her the name of the soul of the deceased you are trying to reach.  Maybe you are conjuring souls to obtain their magic, or maybe you are conjuring a loved one.  It doesn't matter, when you tell Empusa that you are attempting to locate a soul, and you tell her their name, she will know where that soul exists and she will bring it to you.  After all, in one way shape or form, she is the Guardian of the Dead.