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He is the ultimate sign of wisdom. Unfortunately, he is also associated with dark powers, . death and misfortune. He was regarded by the Romans as a sinister bird who carried the omens of bad tidings, but as a means of battling the evil eye. However, in Greek he is associated with divine knowledge and wisdom, due to his link the the goddess, Athena. I’m talking about the owl. He is the owner of the night, perched high above the world, singing his melancholy tunes.

In Native American tribes, it is not uncommon for shamans to draw their powers from owls. They are linked to sorcery because owls are said to be the souls of the dead. It one of the elders are lucky enough to spot an owl at night time, he can ask the owl any question and the owl will answer honestly. This is how Owl Shamans gain all their sorcery powers. Thanks to the owls, the souls of the dead, these shamans have gained powers to summon spirits for divinatory and healing purposes. This is mainly because a soul formation has the full power to pass on fully psychic powers to communicate with the spirit world, if they choose!!

This piece contains an Owl Totem. The owl spirit in this piece will take flight in your soul, raising your divination level and giving you the psychic connection into the realm of souls. You will be able to summon other spirits for divinatory purposes--- rituals, seances, summonings, etc. You will also be able to summon spirits for healing purposes-- physical, spiritual, mental, psychological-- any type of healing that you need!!

This piece is an owl pendant on a chain. You can feel the power in this piece the moment you touch it. To bond with it, all you have to do is make sure you are wearing it and the magic in the piece will do the rest!! Enjoy!!