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This is one of THE BEST stable and all around white light magics EVER!! I say this because usually white light is angelic,or healing or wealth,helping others and all that stuff. Now there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes we want something deeper then that but are afraid that we might get into dual or dark magic. This has all the elements of heavy duty magic with none of the dark stuff.

The Cromlech Temple started in Britain around 1908 and it was a Christian group,not exactly Christian but it wanted Christians to join and to never give up their religion. This group studied all sorts of magic except the dark type. Usually a Christian group NEVER did any type of magic feeling it was of the devils work. This group knew better and knew that God wanted us all to be powerful.

This group learned all including Voodoo which is Catholic,the esoteric,and the deeper arts that taught things like invisibility,aboriginal root magic,calling forth the angels and saints. Bottom line is they did a mix to learn all they could.

When a person entered their group and finished the first level they would ask them to join the Stella Matutina which would then begin to create a magical stone of all that they learn. The only condition was that they keep the christian faith being that there was but one God who could save you. Other thoughts and reasonings were fine.

This ring is Imperial Jade and that stone holds all the magic of Esther who went though all her levels. This piece does it all but no black magic. With this if you needed wealth it would come easy. If you were looking for voodoo it too would come easy. Even the magic of the Egyptian underworld is all here. Underworld does not mean dark in this magic.

To use this ring you will wear it either on a chain or on your finger. You will ask for level one. Level one prepares you. There are 21 levels to complete. These are magic and material things you need.