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These cufflinks once belonged to a man, who is going to remain nameless for the his on sanctity, as he is now passed away. We don't beleive in disturbing the dead, so that is why we are not going to release his name. A little respect goes a long way.

These cufflinks used to be his though. We'll just refer to him as Ray... as in Ray of White Light. Clever, I know. Anyway, Ray's cufflinks were his items of choice. He wore them everywhere he went. They are the vessels that he stored up his powers in.

Ray was a whiate magic hunter. This doesn't mean he stalked around vanquishing white lighters. Rather, this means, he traveled the world in search of stray white powers that float about here or there. You'd be surprised the amount of unclaimed white energy that exists all over the world. I mean, it practically emanates from the Pyramids. There is a ton of it in the magic forests of Asia and the jungles of South America. So, this is what Ray did. He researched places, traveld to these places, and captured the white energy and placed it into these pieces.

I can't really give a 100% accurate account of EVERYTHING that is held in these pieces. They hold thousands of white powers. I literally mean THOUSANDS!! These pieces will be your white light mentor in a sense, because the more time you spend bonding with these pieces, the more intune you will become with the white light magic that Ray has placed into these items. They are like adventures, because around every bend there is a new white light power to be discovered!! You can use these pieces from the comfort of your own home. Meditate with them. Allow them bond with you. Allow the energy to wash through your body. Then, you will open up their maximum potential and full powers!!