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This piece works in lieu of an ovulation kit. Why spend time and money trying to track when you will be ovulating, as this gets confusing and becomes very stressful!

Stress is a big reason as to why conception normally does not occur when people are trying.

Anyway this piece is invoked with the power of Astarte, who is the Phoenician fertility deity.

When you wear this piece you will feel a tingling surge when your eggs are released... this in turn will let you know it is time to rock and roll~

No longer having the stress of trying to count days, and administer a schedule for sex -- you can naturally allow the tingling, which is sensual and makes most people aroused, help you alleviate the strain and become radiant with your progression of trying to become pregnant.

** This will not work if you have medical problems that are hindering you from conceiving... it is not a miraculous conception item, it will assist those with normal abilities to get pregnant to associate an easier path ~!!