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You know, I've never been one for organized religion. I mean, I love my Jesus. I know that he has been sent to save our soul and that through him all things are possible. However, there is a fine line between what I believe and how people believe today. I don't like these Evangelists that stand on the corner and say that if you don't agree with whatever they say is the right thing, you're going straight to Hell. Jesus is about love, not forceful submission and hatred. Also, why can't magic AND Jesus exist? I mean, Jesus used magic, right?

The teachings of Mani restore the powers in Gnostic Christianity, which had pretty much died down a long time before his time. The Paraclete had selected Mani to restore the true roots of gnosticism.

This piece holds the spirit of the Paraclete. It is the ultimate Spirit of Truth, which will enlighten your mind and give you the secrets and magic of True Gnostic teachings and magic. Additionally, you will be able to summon the Paraclete to assist you in your magic, rituals, divinations, etc. and he will reinforce them and make them extremely powerful.