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Native Americans are perhaps the culture most in tune with natures and the spirits around them. That's why I can say, with confidence, that native American magic is some of the most powerful energy around. I mean, they are on top of their game when it comes to spiritism, ritualism, and other esoteric types of magic.

Most Native American tribes would have one man whose job was to be "in charge' of their magical practices. This means it was this person's job to hold chief knowledge of all things spiritual and magic; but where did they get their knowledge from? From the Manitou.

The Manitou are supernatural spirits that reside everywhere in natures. They are all over, creating an entire network of energy and power. They represent a GREAT source of magical power that encompassses the world like a network of webbing. In other cultures these spirits go by other names, but they are all the same thing. Shamans and medicine men would enlighten their mind to be able to walk among this network of spirits to be ready to perform their magic at a moment's notice.

I got this piece at a pow-wow as a special request from a friend of mine who is a shaman. It holds powers to purify your mind to receive the blessings of a true shaman. Your spirit will then transcend to join the Network of Manitou. You will then be able to hold seances and other rituals to summon specific Manitou for whatever you need. There is a magic spirit for everything you will encounter, so this piece pretty much somes up all types of powers-- divination, healing, love, wealth, success, beauty, and much more!!