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This is gifts of the mermaid. She has collected many items lost at sea or on the beach. She has a fondness for younger men and gifts them accordingly to how they please her. She seeks happiness and gives power in return. Once she meets you you are forever connected to her and may find her near the ocean or in your dreams.

The piece your looking at is her sister Mermaid Grisella and she is beautiful and a Goddess of the ocean. She wanted to come to dry land and please a human with all her power in return for happiness and companionship. It is not like she did not have it in her world because she did but they are not as emotional as she is and she wishes to stay with one person or family. This is my favorite piece of the collection. It is beautiful,active and comes with some great paranormal ability just for you.

You also get the standard Mermaid qualities like beauty,great body and a connection to the psychic mind. This Goddess of the ocean is an Atlantean and never ages after 26. With each Sartinious year she gains even more ability that she will pass onto you. Some of these are as listed.

We are sorry that we did not get these pieces right up but we have really enjoyed them ourselves and this one in particular was hard to let go. This is a real mermaid,the others hold power and ability but this is a living being who I have become extremely fond of.

Grisella will give to you Sonarkinesis which allows for the deciphering of sound waves made by the spiritual realm. This is something that is hidden from the human ear but will not be now. She also gives what is called Laybleau energy which is the starving off of of demonic presence and this is needed because of how Atlantis was attacked so she also carries this with her. She also gives you radiation bounce because this was also one of her powers picked up in Atlantis and it might not seem like something you can use radiation can cause cancer. Grisella also holds the Echo magic which creates a telepathic bond between you and who you want to have it with. This is a very powerful bond that can not be broken unless you work with two Mermaids at one time and tell them you want it broken.