Amarus Guardians:  The New Garden of Eden
Amarus Guardians:  The New Garden of Eden
Amarus Guardians:  The New Garden of Eden

Amarus Guardians: The New Garden of Eden

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The Amarus is the Guardian of the Inca civilization. They are packed away in hiding until the day comes that they will return to a modern day Cuzco and claim triumphant victory. Their Central American counterparts and distant cousins are the Mayans, so it is very easy to imagine the amount of magic and mysticism was possessed by these ancient people.

This piece is a testament to just how powerful their great magic was. It wasn't that they developed all of their magic on their own. Their great guardians, known as the Amarus were a gift from a fallen angel who was seeking refuge on the widely unpopulated South American continent, after being booted from the Garden of Eden.

It return for their cooperation in harboring him, the angel gave them the secret archetype of the Garden of Eden, including how to recontruct the Tree of Life and obtain all the magic that the original Garden of Eden into their already powerful magical rituals. This he did by offering them the spirits of several Amarus. The Amarus are the white light counterpart of the serpent that tricked Adam and Eve into trangression. They are the holy guardians of the Garden of Eden. When given to the Inca, they became the guardians of the Inca race by proxy.

The Incas magic ability was amplified and catapulted and their magic was put on the same level as the Mayans and the Egyptians. With that being said, they're sometimes underrated. Make no mistake, though... the Inca were a very powerful, mystic group of people. In fact, the Amarus became the holy advisors to the Inca, leading them in all their magical conquests and developing new magics.
In fact, the the Amarus protect the Inca civilization til this day. Following the Spanish conquest and invasion, the Inca fled from their capital city, Cuzco. They travled east through the mountians, carrying sacred artefacts made and given to them by the Amarus. They used these tools to build enchanted bridges the disenabled their pursuers to pursue any further. The bridge put their captors into an eternal sleep.

The Inca fled into the rainforests, and with the help of their guardians, built an exact replica of the Garden of Eden, calling it Paititi, or "Home of the Jaguar Father," who was their chief venerated god. The new city, deep in the rainforests, is guarded by the Amarus, who keep stragglers and explorers, alike, at bay. It is said that the Inca will return, retracing their steps to Cuzco. In their wake they will leave devastating natural disasters such as earthquakes and hailstorms. The mighty Amarus will roar, chasing their enemies away, allowing the Inca to claim victory and return to rule! Until then, they exist in their Garden of Eden, Paititi.

This item summons the presence of your very own Amaru. A magic totem was found in the ruins of Cuzco by an excavation team a few years ago. The person in charge of the investigation held on the piece for a while. Alas, he was given terrible visions and nightmares. He sent us the piece and we determined his "nightmares" and "visions" were, in fact, Inca revelations of their return to Cuzco. We then were able to distinguish the presence of the Amaru in the piece. We extracted the spirit form Amaru and placed it in this item. The original totem had to be sent back, for history's account. However, during the transfusion ritual, the Amaru lost NONE of his power.

This piece will summon the presence of the Amaru, who will fuse you with a magic that will give you a psychic connection to the Amaru Temple in Paititi, where he serves as a High Priest of Powers. Not only will this piece give you ALL the powers of the ancient Inca, it will allow you travel in the form of your spirit double to Paititi. You will be able to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste the New Garden of Eden that has been established in the middle of the South American Rainforest!! This is a very unique and rare find! It gives you a very distinct ability to acquire powers and experience their creators and originators firsthand! A piece like this doesn't come by everyday.