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Metatron is one of the most powerful angels,he is primordial and a scribe. Once he was a man and turned to pure power and sat by God,one of the very few who could. He went from flesh to full powerful theta.


These are earrings that when worn allow you to have full psychic ability through the use of the mystical golden scribe which normally could not be touched due to the fire,it's heat could not be touched by humans.


What this entails is extreme power that builds so that a human being can tap into it at THOUGHT! This has the power to give you the ability to change what you see and become what you need to be. The pretty stones in the earrings are almost the colors of the peacock which is another term for Metatron. Metatron is all white light but can show you the darkness in things and in people so that you may avoid it. Metatron is one of the most powerful angelic beings and his power in this piece will NEVER disappoint.


We have had all of these done using the help of many people and even some creatures. Using these pieces we can bring you some seriously powerful items at reasonable prices. These will not be part of the black Friday sale.