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This piece is amazing! This is your double that actually speaks to you from where they are now. You can see the image of them when you look into this piece.This double will speak to you telepathically and sometimes verbally. Verbally depends on where they are and the situation they are in. This gives you a direct link to them.

For those of you who want one of these it is the best one we offer. You may also have your splinter show you visions by looking into the piece. This is for a man or woman.

We have had all of these done using the help of many people, and even some creatures. Using these pieces we can bring you some seriously powerful items at reasonable prices.

**Your item will randomly be selected based on the pieces that were invoked. If you would prefer a certain thing, (i.e., ring, bracelet, necklace, pin) you can note that in Paypal when you check out, and based upon availability we will try to accommodate!