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These pieces were all blood baptized by Shine and some by Tomer. You need to request if you prefer a piece from Shine, or Tomer -- as everyone seems to prefer one of them over the other, although both are amazingly powerful!

You will also need to pick to powers you want that will be placed into your piece. These are your choice, please nothing insane! What I mean by insane is nothing like please kill two people for me or give me the ability to black out the sun.  These are very powerful and will work as soon as placed on, no ritual, no nothing required.


We have had all of these done using the help of many people and even some creatures. Using these pieces we can bring you some seriously powerful items at reasonable prices.

**Your item will randomly be selected based on the pieces that were invoked. If you would prefer a certain thing, (i.e., ring, bracelet, necklace, pin) you can note that in Paypal when you check out (Please tell us what size you need if you prefer a ring), and based upon availability we will try to accommodate!