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Sometimes life doesn't always deal you the hand of cards that you deserve.  In general, people are scummy.  Not all people, but a lot of people.  Some people have no regard for anybody but themselves.  They are stuck in their own little world and will trample on anybody to get what they want and where they need to be.  This is why the expression, "nice guys finish last" exists. 

Well, my friend, I am here to tell you through a first hand experience that it doesn't have to be that way.  In fact, there are three spirit sisters known as the the Erinyes that were born of Gaia for the distinct purpose of serving natural law.  Their names are Alecto, "never-ending", Megaera, "envious anger", and Tisiphone, "face of retaliation".  When Kronos castrated Uranus, a few drops of blood fell onto Gaia.  Gaia conceived and bore three triplet daughters, the Erinyes.  They are the Infernal spirits of justice, vengeance, and righteousness.

The triplets are not interested in legal codes of any man.  They are spirits of primeval natural law and severely lash out and punish those who flout these codes.  They are extremely kindly spirits if you respect the land and live by a code of natural morality and decency.  However.... and this is a HUGE however... if you are on their bad side, you had better watch out.  They serve Earth as well as Hades, acting as the supreme punishers, inflicting pain upon those locked in Hades' dungeons. 

When I first learn about the Sisters of the Night, I was relieved.  I had gotten readings and had been reading up on my horoscope and it kept telling me that I was in the midst of a crisis, but not to take it upon myself to torture the person that had wronged me... that time would tell a story of justice for this person.  You see, I had lived with a person whom I thought was my best friend.  He stole one of my vehicles and got me in a world full of debt and trouble that I am still recovering from until this day.  I could use magic to relinquish this debt, but I try to keep my use of magical powers to a minimum... just my personal preference.  Well, I'm still enduring hardships because of this so-called friends. 

I made this piece.  It summons the Erinyes.  I have used this piece to summon the triplets to work their furious justice.  I was patient enough and recently I found out little bits of tidbits about the afore mentioned "friend".  Not that I'm basking in his troubles, but I can reassure you the sisters did their job and did it efficiently.  You know they say you had better be careful of the wrongs you commit against another human being because it will come back at you threefold.  Well, apparently these fiery sisters don't stop at three.  They like to count well into the double digits!  I didn't have to feel bad about it either because I didn't take matters into my own hands and the person in question received due justice.  It was basically karma in its rawest form, punishing those who need to be punished. 

If you feel like you have been pushed around or bullied; or if people walk all over you, take advantage of your kindess, or use you as a doormat, this piece is definitely the one for you!!  It will allow you to summon the spirits of the Erinyes, the Sisters of the Night, and relinquish divine punishment and vengeance upon those who have cause you torment and pain!! 


We have had all of these done using the help of many people and even some creatures. Using these pieces we can bring you some seriously powerful items at reasonable prices. These will not be part of the black Friday sale.

**Your item will randomly be selected based on the pieces that were invoked. If you would prefer a certain thing, (i.e., ring, bracelet, necklace, pin) you can note that in Paypal when you check out, and based upon availability we will try to accommodate!