Seven Djinn Elders of Menes
Seven Djinn Elders of Menes
Seven Djinn Elders of Menes
Seven Djinn Elders of Menes
Seven Djinn Elders of Menes

Seven Djinn Elders of Menes

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I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one.  This piece holds ancient, and I mean ANCIENT, powers of the Egyptians.  I hear so many people talking about how they wish they could know what it was like to have lived in ancient cairo, Memphis, Alexandria or any of those ancient and wondrous Egyptian cities.  It's like the Egyptians were a people before their times.

A lot of what the Egyptians had to offer was swallowed by the seas of conquest.  The Romans pillaged their cities.  The ottomans ransacked their towns.  Most of the remnants of this great city have been destroyed.  What was able to be salvaged has been found in such great monuments as the Sphinx, the Great Pyramids of Giza, and other such monuments.  This powers in this piece were found in the Valley of the Kings by Adita and crew she had with her during an investigation. 

During the investigation a ball of enery began seeping from a hole in the wall of a fresh renovation area.  The ball of energy gave off electric charges of psychic images to Adita.  The images were of a prior time many milennia ago, during the first age of the Egyptians.  She knew that this was a find and immediately stored it in a vessel until she was able to send it to us.

We got the piece and wasted no time in cracking the case.  While we were working with the piece, we were able to resurrect an ancient Egyptian wizard who gave us an additional piece.  It is this bracelet, The Seven Djinn Elders of Menes, that he gave us.  We didn't realize until after the sorcerer was gone that the man who has appeared to us was Menes, the first Pharaoh of Egypt!!  How exciting is that?!?!  I know, it was a very humbling experience, indeed!!  The experience that comes from using the piece that Menes gave to us is also humbling.  While it may seem a bit old and beat up, the piece has character and it embodies the most amazing display of pure, Egptian magic in the rawest form! 

This piece contains Seven Elder Djinn who gave Menes the magic that fortified his great country and helped him lead the country into the great empire and civilization that is once waas and the world power that it continues to be today!!  They are the Seven Djinn Elders of Menes. 

This is detailed profile of the Seven Elders that this piece embodies and the extreme powers that they each have to offer you!! 

The First Elder is the Keeper of the Gates, including the gate that leads to the spiritual realm.  He is the keeper of this piece and by invoking him, he will release the powers that this piece has to offer.  He can also be invoked during the opening of portals and realms, both mortal and immortal, on any plane of existence, at any time.  He is the keeper of all gates, physical and metaphysical.  He will help you unlock all doors.  

The Second Elder is the Keeper of the Rosetta Stone.  He holds all the secrets of all heiroglyphics, symbolism, ciphered texts, and codices.  He will give you the hidden knowledge of all Egyptian secret codes and hidden messages.  It will unlock hidden knowledge that has been kept secret from the human populace since the beginning to Egyptian times.  It will also give you a divination that will allow you to understand and decode all secret and hidden codes and meanings. 

The third elder is the Keeper of the Sphinx.  He is actually the keeper of all Sphinxes, not just the ones in Egypt.  It is well known that Sphinxes are the guardians of great knowledge and of pure power.  The Keeper of Sphinx holds all the powers and secret knowledge of all the Sphinxes that have ever, do, or will ever exist.  This djinni allows you to birth your own spirit sphinx to go forth into the astral realms in search of rare and odd types of powers and abilities.  It will bring these powers back to you and you will be able to practice all magic found by your Sphinx in your mortal, human life!!

The Fourth Elder is the Mortal Amun.  Amun is the king of all the gods.  He holds all the gods powers and he knows all things.  His mind is the epicenter of existence and life.  With his powers you will manifest the powers of creation and have a mind like that of a god.  You wil know the whole meaning behind all of existence and will be able to manifest secret chamberbs of existence and pockets of metaphysical energy that nobody knew about before.  This includes the energies of the cosmic flow betwenn Orion and the Three Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The Fifth Elder is the Ambassador to the Crystal Pyramid.  You may hear us going on about the Crystal Pyramid all the time.  What is so special about it?  Well, with this item you find out exactly what is special about it.  The Crystal Pyramid will remit access to whomever possesses this item.  Once in, you will be experience the full wealth of knowledge the Crystal Pyramid, which is basically the brain of the universe, has to offer.  Here, you will be able to release the Egyptian-Akashic Hall of Records, where you will be able to open up time and wander freely without any restricion.  This inlcudes forward, backwards, sideways, parallel... whatever way you want!!  There are also other great secrets contain in the Crystal Pyramids-- tons of them, in fact-- awaiting your discovery!! 

The Sixth Elder is the Keeper of the Valley of the Kings.  This is King Tutankhamun, himself.  It is his pure presence and will be your spirit guide into the Valley of the Kings.  The Valley of the Kings is so much more than just a mortal, physical destination.  It is a metaphyscial realm where all the souls of the past kings of Egypt have gone for their afterlife.  It is a little known secret, but a very powerful one to obtain.  This piece will allow you to see into the Valley of the Kings.  You will have access to each and every one of the Pharaohs and kings of the Egypt, all dynasties, all kingdom, bar no holds!! It is an all out access point to all the Egyptian knowledge you could possibly want, from the vantage point of the people who have actually lived it.  This piece also allows you to summon the spirit and presence of any past Egyptian king for your purposes. 

The seventh and last elder is the Spirit of the Unified Ka.  Ka is the Egyptian way to say soul or spirit.  It is the part of a person's soul that exists in a separate realm of energies that provide for all things magical, alchemical, or divine.  It is a realm that births all magic and can end all magic.  It is the all-spark of any type of magic you will practice in the mortal realm. Each person has a Ka, or spirit twin that resides in the realms of the Ka.  When a person passes, they are reunited with their Ka, and they achieve immortality.  The Spirit of the Unified Ka, will allow you to reunite with your Ka, your spirit twin, in the mortal realm!!   Thus, you will gain authority over all magic!  There will not be a magic over which you will not hold complete knowledge and full authority.  This basically renders you as a Pharaoh, yourself, as they were the pure manifestation of god on Earth!  

This piece is very, VERY powerful, as I'm sure you can imagine.  Again it is manifestation of the very power that kept Egypt alive and thriving for thousands of years!  This magic is potent and is easy to access.  Simply meditate with this piece, the energy in the strand of Elder Djinn Spirits to conjoin with with your own energies.  You will then begin manifesting these powers, energies, magics, alchemy, etc. in your own life!!