Temple of the 8 Immortals

Temple of the 8 Immortals

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This piece is a very spiritual piece.  It will help you break the bond that holds you inside of your mortal body.  You see, on the outside we all exist with physical characteristics and traits.  It is on the inside that you find the substance... who you really are.  It is your soul and it determines who "you" will be.  This physical vessel is simply temporary, but the longevity of your soul is forever.  Thus, it is important to always be in touch with your soul, because if not you are completely missing the whole purpose of why you have been physically manifested. 

The 8 Immortals are the souls of 8 ancients that have stuck around in the physical realms and have been commissioned as the special guardians and advisors of the human race.  They are separately venerated, but together they amplify their powers and increase their insight significantly.  This is what we are offering... the presence of the 8 Immortals. 

This piece was made in the Temple of the 8 Immortals in Taiwan.  It summons the souls of the 8 Immortals.  These immortals can be used to obtain spiritual immortality through the mastery of Taoist Alchemy.  This is a variation of soul alchemy, where the magic that is manifested comes from the energy that already exists with in and isn't collected from an outside source.  Soul Alchemy is very powerful and the tutoring of the 8 Immortals will allow you to fully awaken your soul and your third eye.  Then, you will able to identify with your true, pure soul and all of its spiritual counterparts.  This will give you the knowledge of your full journey, not just your physically manifested body.  Then, you will be able to transform your soul to obtain all the previously unknown powers and energies that exist within yourself. 

Additionally, this piece opens up a realm that is also known as the Temple of the 8 Immortals.  It will allow you to peer into the Temple to summon the presence of any one or all of the 8 Immortals for spiritual guidance or to obtain their magic and powers!

This piece is a spiritual treasure, packed with metaphysical Taoist Alchemy.  You do NOT want to pass up this golden opportunity!