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Stargates, and the 12 Apples.

The Templars hid the sacred word for Jesus which is Skill. They hid this name in the form of Skull hoping those of the light would figure it out. The 12 apples are for wealth of spirit and material wealth because in this day you need it. You are getting two magics here,the direct ladder to the gates of heaven and the material wealth piece. This power comes from the depths of Tula a secret core inside Earth that leads to purity in transformation.

Skill or Jesus gave information on a Stargate system which leads you to the gate of Heaven. In his words he said ( this next part is copied from the internet during research)

Jesus gives what may be the first stargate lesson.

“You are to seek after the mysteries of the Light, which purify the body and make it into refined light exceedingly purified.

Jesus implores us to:

“Cease not to seek day and night and remit not yourselves until ye find the purifying mysteries which will purify you and make you into a refined light, so that ye will go on high and inherit the light of my kingdom.”

In the Pistis Jesus expounds the doctrine of reincarnation as a universal law governing the lives of all humankind.

“Put not off from day to day, and from cycle to cycle, in the belief that ye will succeed in obtaining the mysteries when ye return to the world in another cycle.”

He further states our world and worlds in higher realms are intimately connected “from within outwards.” This statement refers to a transformation of consciousness that opens the door to other worlds.

Scientists have recently concluded we only perceive ten percent of the universe. The rest is “dark,” invisible to humans. Our purpose is to open our spiritual vision to see into this darkness.

What is our reward for developing such vision? The Biblical version of opening our sacred vision is described by Isaiah:

“For look, I am going to create new heavens and a new Earth, and the past will not be remembered.

You now know that reincarnation is indeed real and that we only see 10 percent of the dimensions that are all around us. That would make how many in total? I think way to many to count.

While wealth is not a thing that Jesus or Skill thinks is number one it is known that you will be here during the time of the new cycle.

This gives you the entrance into the stargate which is the knowing of all lives and the power they carry. Wealth so that you may prosper and of course the ladder to heaven which you are allowed to go to know,transformation and the all the other good things.