Grand Bois MALE
Grand Bois MALE
Grand Bois MALE

Grand Bois MALE

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To everyone reading this listing.  We have a bunch of products like this one.  This is an item that may have seen on the website before.  For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research.  All of these items work superbly.  Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing.  Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing.  Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!

Update: We have tested these pieces extensively since we first put them on. They've grown in power since then and no longer are you bound by the means of the original Triad. You will still gain all their power and the magic they have to offer you. However, when using this piece all you have to do is light a candle and call out what it is you wish to accomplish. This could be the manipulation of destiny. It could be granting love or granting extreme wealth. It could be the inception of a child or it could be altering reality. You can change the past or the future. You can summon forth any kind of entity. We know all these things because we have used this piece for these purposes. Whatever it is you want can be accomplished with the Gran Bois candlesticks, because they hold the power of very powerful, divine entities. This energy becomes yours. Again, all you have to do is light a candle and call out what you want to take place. This is you making a call to command that will be adhered to by the forces of the universe, destiny, and nature.

We believe these pieces to be real hand-carved ivory. There is one male and one female as indicated by the name of the title. This means they are very valuable, but above that the power of these pieces put the very essence of magic at your fingertips.
Grand Bois is the Voodoo essence of everything.  He is nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.  Without actually physically being here, he rules in the realms of the Voodoo godhead, guarding the deepest secrets Voodoo magic as part of a triad of gods known as the gatekeepers.  He has eyes everywhere as he is closely associated with nature and all of its elements.  He is always watching and he is only as far away as the nearest tree limb or blade of grass.  In essence he is everywhere.  In physical presence he is nowhere.  Magically, he knows all things that occur and guards them closely with his two other counterparts Maitre Carrefour and Baron Cimitiere.  
Maitre Carrefour is the God of Fate, also known as Master Crossroads.  He is the one who will lead your life along its journey, guiding you along your path of fate and destiny.  He controls your eventual outcome and any situation you are currently or will even encounter.  He is the one that is summoned for transformative change--  the spirit who is in full control of all your outcomes.  

Baron Cimitiere is commonly referred to as the God who guards the "end of the trip."  However, in your current state the "end of the trip" denotes the end of it all... meaning that mortality is over and all will have to come to an end.  I'm here to tell you that you can think of Baron Cimitiere as more of a liaison between this world and the next.  Mortality is not the first stage of our existence, nor will it be the end.  Thus, you can think of the Baron as the entity who helps us to complete our metamorphosis from our current mortal state into the existence you will take after your mortal temple has come to pass.  He holds the power that gives guidance to all those who have crossed over from humanity into the afterlife.  He is the gateway of ascension, who possesses the keys of eternity and who holds the ability of communication from the mortal realm into all realms beyond.  

Collectively, these three are know as the Triad of Magicians.   Again, they are the gatekeepers of all Voodoo magic and empowerment. They are the power of three that must be accessed to unlock the true, full power of cyclic Voodoo magic-- the beginning, the existence and sustenance, the end, and the rebirth.  They alone hold the true transformation that will eliminate the veil that is blinding your eyes from the true power of full, unadulterated Voodoo magic.     

We obtained these pieces during an investigation in Cajun Mississippi, where Voodoo is of vast popularity.  For the protection of those involved, I can't really tell you from whom I got the piece, but I can tell you that we found it on an old slave plantation.  It was causing somewhat of a ruckus for the owners of the plantation, who urgently pleaded with us to come figure out what was disturbing their piece.  

The results of the investigation where these two pieces.  The were buried in a Voodoo chest that will be featured in a different write up.  There are two of these items... one is a male and one is a female.  They are candlestick holders, but they are also the summoners of the Triad of Magicians-- they are the Triad's minions that have been sent forth to accomplish certain tasks.  To use these items, you must burn a candle stick.  Allow it to burn until the candle is gone.  For extra measure you can add offerings of herbs, spices, honey, and spiced rum to increase the potency of the candlesticks powers.  Once the candle has been completely burned and the offerings have been made, the spirits that are attached to these items will go forth and beseech the power of the Triad of Magicians on your behalf.   It will unveil the secret powers of the true, unadulterated Voodoo magic I told you about before-- the powers that are guarded by the Triad.  They are rare form and these are rare pieces.  

There are two of these items.  One is a male spirit and one is a female spirit.  Either of these spirits will work for you, but it will be better if you can match one of these spirits to your personality type.  For instance, if you have a more feminine spirits, then go with the female piece.  They are sold separately, not as a pair.  However, if you buy both of them it will increase the speed and efficiency that your new magic will bring to you.  Buy them up now before they are both gone!!   
In these items you ask for anything you want and not only is this about obtaining things but also about making certain things happen. This is real voodoo with the real gods of voodoo. You must make offerings of sugar,booze,honey or cigars to these forces. ou don't have to do them all but one treat or offering is fine. It only has to be small but you need to have it for respect. These are very powerful entities and have minds just like us and that is why the offerings.
You will NOT regret having one of these. If you need to get rid of someone,this even works for that. This is a dual item because it is up to you what you do with it.
 The picture might be of a female in the listing but you are getting the make if you pick this one. Pick the one your more comfortable with. These are also very rare and made out of Ivory and worth a lot of money. Please take care of them and they are antiques.