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There was a man, Aldin Tole, in the 1800s who had a wonderful family in the early Americas, in California. He personally built the log cabin they lived in and made his living from farming for his neighbors. When he wasn’t in the fields, he was helping his children with their schooling. His wife couldn’t have been happier, and was saddened when he had to leave for two nights to ride to the next town for cows. Aldin took their herd dog with him and set out in the morning for the town to the east.

Everything went well the first night; Aldin set up camp and slept on the side of the path next to his faithful dog, Winter. The second night, on the way back home with the cows, was where everything went wrong. Winter started growling and scaring all the cows. No matter how much Aldin tried, Winter wouldn’t stop pacing and growling into the darkness around the fire. As he fell asleep, he remembered Winter laying on top of him, still growling.

When he awoke, he found his dog dead, its throat ripped open, and the cows all scared off. When Aldin tried to get up, he found he was pinned to the ground by a man who was biting at his neck! Scared stiff, and losing blood fast, Aldin fainted. His dreams were feverish and racked with pain, the result of his body transforming into a creature of the night. The only reason he woke up was to run for cover from the sun. He scrambled into a nearby barn until it started to rain so hard it was dark out. That’s when he ran for home, only stopping to look into a rippling puddle. He saw blood on his neck, and fangs cutting his own lips.

When he reached his log cabin and into his worried wife’s arms, he cried and wouldn’t speak, for fear she’d see his fangs. He stayed silent, mouth shut only to eat meals. Even then, his hunger couldn’t be stopped, but he wouldn’t hurt his family, so he became a psychic vampire, one that feeds off peoples’ life energies until they’re gone. Unbeknownst to him, he was draining his family of life while he sat there and mourned his existence. One night a few months later, he woke to find his wife dead next to him, and his children near death. You can never know what you have until it’s gone, so treasure your loved ones, like Aldin tried to. He was so ashamed he ran away to control himself, leaving behind all his possessions, including this piece. It’s what he carried with him every day since he married his wife, and what he couldn’t hold onto anymore.

It holds what was his life-force before he became a psychic vampire, and the power he gained after he transformed. You can gain others’ energies, channeling them through this piece; you can ultimately collect powers. You just need to be near the person you want and imagine their aura flowing into yours.


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