Azaria of Uluru

Azaria of Uluru

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My next account takes us to the “Land Down Under,”. It is rumored that there is a multitude of magical powers that inhabit this area, mostly religious, which are known only to the Aboriginal caucus. I caught wind of what might be going on in the area, and while I was neither able to confirm or deny the claims that the Aborigines lay to the land, I was able to conjure up a bit of different magic. A tale of magic as old as time itself... about the legendary animal that was supposedly too busy frolicking and missed the blowing of the whistle when Noah took off in his arc for forty days and nights. I am talking about the unicorn.

Rising to about 1,140 feet above the Red Desert Plain in Australia is a colossal sandstone. It goes by the name of Ayers Rock, but Uluru is the preferred name of the locale, so that is what I will use. Plus, it is much more fun to say. Anyway, this rock is about 208 miles south and west of Alice Springs. This enormous rock is six miles in diameter and extends a mile and half beneath the surface of Earth. Thanks its lighting situation the rock changes colors from a pink-red by morning to a deep ocher by night.

The rock is said to have special powers and is a sacred place to local Aborigine, as they say the rock is involved in everything from creation to their daily blessings. The rock is an extremely special place for the Australian government, as it is a local tourist destination and place of interest. In fact, they have situated a hiking trail to the top of the rock, even though it remains a treacherous spot and is responsible for the deaths of tourists annually. The rock is very smooth and, and in fact, houses no vegetation as it is extremely infertile. The rain that falls on the rock, cascades down from the rock, creating a haven of fertility at the base of the rock, which is home to a variety of plant and animal life, waterholes, and caves.

We decided to climb the rock and run a few examinations to determine if this rock was really a rich fortress of magical powers, or if it was simply local lore. Unfortunately, we kept on coming up empty handed. One night, after an especially tiring escapade of proving the locals claims to be futile, we decided to head home early, even though, we were advised it would be best to remain put until day break. We were simply tired of being here and decided not to heed the warnings of our tour guides, who stayed behind, and stake our own expedition back to civilization. We thought that it wouldn’t be so difficult, as there were clear indications on the trail as to the way back. As fate would have it, though, we did indeed make a wrong turn somewhere, which led to more and more wrong turns. Before too long we found ourselves, not asleep in our hotel, but camping out next to a large water hole, without proper accommodations.

Once in our new surroundings, we sent team members out on small reconnaissance missions to see if we could find some sort of help... perhaps directions back to the world. What we found was much more extraordinary. After coming back from one of their missions, a few of our team members excitedly instructed us to follow them. When we got to where they were going, we immediately saw why they were besides themselves. About fifty yards from where we stood was a large animal, roughly the shape of a horse and about six feet in height. Protruding from the animals forehead, slightly above but directly between the animal’s eyes was a shaft, crafted from the same ivory as the tusk of an elephant, about four and a half feet long. The animal, by this time we had identified it as the legendary unicorn, had mane as white as the snow in Antarctica streaked with the man colors of the rainbow. His eyes were a magnificent and iridescent, changing colors as the moonlight hit them. It was singing ancient Aboriginal inma, or sacred song. When we approached the unicorn, called Azaria, she did not seem afraid. In fact, she was rather inviting, and seemed to put all of our tension at ease. She could speak to us, and when she did she sounded ancient and wise, telling us the story of her kind. She was one of only a dozen or left. Many, many ages ago there was a battle between all things good and evil. The unicorns stayed neutral, frolicking in their meadows. The evil forces won, but with the help of the remaining light forces, the unicorns stage a counter attack. The unicorn army won, but with huge casualties, reducing their kind to the population they are at today, and forcing them into hiding, fearing retaliation by the forces of evil.

When it was our turn to tell her our story, she chuckled kindly, giving us directions back to civilization. For the road, we filled our canteens with water from the water hole, which Azaria informed us that she had actually enchanted with the power to keep her young and beautiful. It instantly renew our state-of-being, giving us refreshment and vigor.

Before we left, Azaria endowed us with her mighty powers. She gave us this power as a means of defense against dark forces. She explained that by passing her powers onto us, she was forging an alliance between us and the unicorn race. We are now an integral part of making sure dark forces do not return to power. To do this she bestowed on us the following powers. We were able to transfigure the powers so that there were enough go around. We were also able to make some of the pieces available to you. These pieces are enchanted with the special powers from the unicorn.

You will be given sonokinesis powers, giving you the ability to alter the sound waves around you, altering an adversaries perception, allowing you to take over their minds, rendering their powers useless. Through this method you will be given the power of manipulating the energies of others. You will also be able to obtain the secrets of others’ abilities, making them your own. You will be given the secret of all the unicorns white magic. You will be able given the ability of manipulating elements, as you will be given the secrets to controlling the energy in water. You will also be given the ability to heal those around you via advance healing techniques (these techniques work on some and not others; it depend on their body type and what types of energies they exhibit). Finally, you will be given the youthfulness, good looks, and agility of the unicorns.

By the way, we did eventually reach our destination, safely and soundly, thanks to the directional wisdom passed on to us through the Azaria.