The Queen of The East and the Ark of the Covenant
The Queen of The East and the Ark of the Covenant
The Queen of The East and the Ark of the Covenant

The Queen of The East and the Ark of the Covenant

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In modern Ethiopia, a mere shadow of what the empire used to be, exist the ruins of the legendary city of Axum. Situated a plateau 7,200 feet above sea level, the city was situated in Northeast Ethiopia on the horn of Africa. The ruins mark the spot of what was once considered the, "Heart of Ethiopia." Dating back to the fourth century BC, Axum was the site of many great architectural structures. Some of these structures were the obelisks in which nobility were buried, but the grandest structure was sacred church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, which was actually rebuilt for the last time in 1665. In 1955, at order of the Emperor Haile Selassie to celebrate his silver jubilee, a new St. Mary of Zion Church was founded with a small addition, called the Chapel of the Table. It is in this Chapel that the Ark of the Covenant (a relic built at the instruction of the Israelite God) is kept.

The ark itself is said to hold mysterious powers and was originally passed on to the Israelites by the God of Abraham. The ark holds polished stone tablets inscribed with the original Ten Commandments of the Christian religion. The ark is made of the finest acacia wood, which is covered inside and out with pure gold. Two solid gold cherubim that face each other join at the wings, forming the throne of the Israelite God. The ark is said to hold such powers as helping Joshua collapse the walls of Jericho, stopping the Jordan River and allowing the nation Israel to cross safely, and emanating light and fire, burning up the adversaries of the Israelites. The Ark of the Covenant was said to have been destroyed when Israel was crushed and assimilated by the Babylonians. The Ethiopians, however, have a different account of what happened.

Although in the Bible it only briefly mentions a meeting between King Solomon of the Queen of the East (aka Queen of Sheba), the Kebra Nagast gives a completely different account. Long story short, the Queen of the East actually ruled in Axum, as well as Sheba, under the alias Queen Makeda. When Makeda and Solomon met, they consummated their relationship, causing Makeda to give birth to a son, Menelick. When in his twenties, Menelick returned to his father, being accepted with open arms. Menelick befriended the son of a local Christian high priest, who had a vision from God to transport the Ark of the Covenant to Axum. The son of the high priest helped Menelick steal the ark and take it to Axum. When Solomon found out about the thievery, he sent his soldiers after the pair to reclaim the ark until he also had a vision sent by God, in which Menelick is the rightful heir to the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was taken and hidden by Menelick and is said to hidden to this day, currently in the Chapel of the Tablet.

Interested in all things mystical and magical, I decided to take a trip to Ethiopia to investigate the Chapel of the Tablet and see if the Ark of the Covenant really exists. When I got there, the first place I visited were the ruins that are Axum. It surely must’ve, at one time, been a thriving city, full of vibrant life, contradictory to what people may believe about Ethiopia today. Next, I admired the splendor of the church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. Finally, I got to visit the newly erected St. Mary of Zion church; they would not let me into the Chapel of the Table, though. The Chapel of the Table is guarded by a lone monk, a direct descendant of Menelick, who is the head of the Solomonic Dynasty. This monk is the one person who has the ability to view the Ark of the Covenant. Anybody else who sees the ark, in all its glory, will either drop dead or be blinded and burned beyond recognition. that was until I showed up.

I am a very stubborn person, and when the leaders of the Solomonic Dynasty told me the powers beheld by their ancient ark, I wasn’t giving up without a fight. They mocked me and scoffed me, but what they didn’t know is that I had borrowed a piece from DeeDee that exhibited the power of astral shielding and protection, eliminating any danger by potentially harmful adversaries... So, I made a bet with the leader of the Solomonic Dynasty. If I was able to view and open the Ark of the Covenant, they must bless and bestow upon me all of the powers held within. If I couldn’t, then I would die, just as they said. The leader, the lone monk who guarded the ark, agreed and as part of a counter offer, I agreed to let him assume the form of the ancient protectors so that if (somehow) I was able to open the Ark of the Covenant, he would be in proper position to protect the rightful possession, from thievery, vandalism, sabotage, etc.

After I agreed, a sound like that of seven trumpets filled the air, the ground thrown into fervent tremors and the monk, the man, who had been standing right in front of me began shake. I heard a squelching sound like someone was stretching his skin. He threw himself to the floor and began writhing. Then I witnessed something that was as unworldly as the ark itself. The monk shifted into a beast-- a combination of eagle and lion. Instead of human form, he now exhibited the head, wings, legs, and talons of a majestic eagle. Where his legs were before, now he had the body of a lion. An emblem of imperial valor, what was located directly in front was the beast of millennia of lore: a real, live Griffith. Griffith’s are said to protect ancient treasures, and rightfully so, this monk had been infused with the spirit of the Griffith, being to able to transmogrify an his astral will. Appropriately, the combination of being an earthly beast and the chief bird of the air symbolize Christ’s qualities, both human and divine. At the end of this grand spectacle, the Griffith nodded me forward, giving me the permission to proceed. Then a voice filled my head and taunted me saying, “Now let’s see how you fare, mortal being.” I recognized it to be that of the Earthly monk who was no longer by my side in human form, but rather as a beast from Heaven.

I cautiously inched my way through the door of the Chapel of the Tablets. I was greeted by a vast pool of flames, as tall as the Griffith himself, easily surpassing seven and half feet tall. The heat was immense, but I wasn’t injured because of DeeDee’s gift- the piece that exhibited astral shielding and protection. Once I was through the flames, I encountered a treasure so majestic, that I was barely able to behold it. It was as magnificent as the Northern Lights, filling the room with a light nearly as bright as the sun. There was sound like seven roaring thunderclouds. The room was filled with a wind so ferocious it nearly carried me away, but I continued to clutching the piece that DeeDee had given me for my journeys. When I appeared at the rim, the ark turned a fiery red color, spewing sparks into the air so hot that they charred everything they touched. Not being able to turn back, I reached for the handle of the Ark of the Covenant, and there was a hissing sound like that of seven ancient serpents. My skin should have been melted, but it didn’t and it wouldn’t thanks to my protection. When I opened the ark, I read aloud all ten of the commandment (somehow I was able to read the inscriptions and speak in an ancient language that I couldn’t identify to save my life).

After the manifestation was complete, the Griffith kneeled low, humbling himself to my presence. He began quivering and shuddering. He shifted back into a human monk and holding my actions in awe lead me to the waiting Solomonic Elders. He told them of my story and they all knelt and bowed low. After this, they rushed me to a baptismal font, laid their hands on me, submerged me in water, blessing me and bestowing upon all of the powers of the Ark of the Covenant, including the ability to pass my powers to others.

Thanks to the Solomonic Dynasty I have the ability to assume the shape of the Griffin, exhibiting the biopsionic and physical powers of the mighty, majestic beast. I have been given the ability of holy geokinetic energy, being able to manipulate all Earthly element, such as dirt, lava, water, wind, air, fire... basically anything used in creation. I have the ability of sourcing energy, that is, deriving energies from any element or creating my own energies altogether. You will also be given the ability of telepathy and mental projection, being able to communicate your thoughts and desires to others using your mind. You will given, in turn, the ability to read others minds, as well. Finally, I was given the ability of the bestowal of power. I can pass on the gifts that were passed onto by the Solomonic Dynasty to anyone of my choosing. This is how I am making these pieces available, because I have infused them with the power that was bestowed upon me by the dynasty.

Additionally, when I informed DeeDee of exactly how POWERFUL her piece had been-- that it is the very reason why I’m still alive-- she agreed to channel more. She created these pieces that exhibit the ability of negative power sourcing. This means that others’ powers will eliminated and have zero effect on your physical or spiritual being, whatsoever. It will give you astral shielding and protection. You won’t have to worry attacks from others. You will have the ability to augment others’ powers and can either reduce them or amplify them-- your choice.

You will receive one of the pieces above, whichever you choose. If you are clever and choose to take advantage of both powers you will receive one of each of these items. These items also make great gifts for any occassion, just make sure that the person you're getting it for is fully aware of the impressive power that comes along with them!!