The Circle of the Chief
The Circle of the Chief

The Circle of the Chief

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The Circle of the Chief<br /><br />

I am excited to offer you this piece, because I’ve been working on if for approximately two years now.  The piece comes from a remote place in Kansas, known as Fort Riley.  Fort Riley is United States army installation in Northeastern Kansas.  It is along the Kansas River between Junction City and Manhattan.  It is from this military base that the piece that I am offering you comes from.   <br /><br />

Located on the military establishment is a lake that is opened to the public.  The lake is called Camp Moon Lake.  It is a naturally occurring, ancient lake that was used by the Natives, before they were run off of their land.  The lake is said by locals to hold mysterious and mystical powers.  Many tales of magical happenings have circulated about the lake—everything from mystical creatures in the lake that some claim is bottomless, to healing powers of the water in the lake.  <br /><br />

The best known of these rumors, though, are those of the Circle of the Chief that supposedly exists somewhere in the confines of Camp Moon Lake in Fort Riley, Kansas.  This is the part that interested me the most.   I’m dealt with some of the other powers that were rumored and circulated about the lake.  Until now, though, I can honestly say that I never had an experience with a Circle of the Chief a.k.a. Chief’s Circle.  In fact, I wasn’t ever clear on what a Chief’s Circle was until I did some research.  After researching, however, I knew exactly what it was and I wanted to experience it for myself, so I organized an investigation team and it was off to Kansas we headed for the investigation.  <br /><br />

There wasn’t much waiting for us in Kansas, either.  This was probably a good thing, as we wouldn’t have to worry about human energy warding off the spiritual energy at the lake, if there was any.  To make the trip more authentic, we ended up making no accommodations, other than a few tents, some food, and water.  We’d be making camp at the lake, so that way we wouldn’t miss anything that was going on at the lake.  <br /><br />

When we got there, we set up our equipment and go to work.  We began our investigation while the sun was still high in the evening sky.  Nothing seemed to be going on at all.  We picked up zero readings and captured zero footage.  As it got dark, the place seemed to come alive.  We still received not readings, but you could just tell the place was coming alive.  It was like everything in nature moved with one heart beat at Moon Lake. <br /><br />

We searched most of the night, in vain, for something—anything.  The only thing that was productive all night was the Energizers that kept our equipment alive.  We called it quits early, because we figured that if there was anything in this place, we would have encountered something by now.  I retired early because I was kind of tired.  I don’t remember really falling asleep… it was kind of one of those fuzzy types of sleep.  I do, however, remember being woken up at around 2AM. <br /><br />

I woke up to rather strange noise, this being very loud whoops and hollers and chants.  I couldn’t figure out what the hell the sound was, and to be honest, I was kind of mad, because I thought it was Jason or Deedee playing a prank on me, because I had retired early.  Nope.  It wasn’t them.  <br /><br />

I unzipped my tent and looked out and saw something that I can only describe as a herd of fireflies approximately 100 yards to the left of where we made camp.  I rubbed my eyes, because the fireflies seemed to blink in synchrony.  It was weird—so weird that I decided to wake the others.  They thought that it was just as funky as what I did.  Cries and whoops and yells radiated from the pack of “lightning bugs” and we couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on; that is when the Earth began to rumble.  <br /><br />

At first, I was a bit scared.  Okay, well, I was scared for quite a bit.  The Earth began to rumble and legitimately thought that there was some type of earthquake or natural disaster taking place… perhaps some type of freakish tornado.  This couldn’t be further from the truth; and I realized that when I saw a bright flash of blue-white light streak from a star in the sky to the very ground where the fireflies once were. <br /><br />

In place of the fireflies stood a tall, broad, muscularly shaped Native American Indian Chief.  As for the fireflies, every pair of fireflies began to take shape as the glowing eyes of an Indian brave.  All of a sudden a fire burned as high as the sky and the braves began to dance around the circle in a wild synchronization.  They hooted and hollered and whooped.  Each of the braves now shone a blue-white color, orange-ish eyes that burned like a wild fire.  <br /><br />

We watched from the distance as they performed their ritual dancing and ceremonious whooping.  We thought that we would go unnoticed, but after the ritual, the chief ascended into the heavens the same way he arrived.  The braves made their way towards us, not menacing, but not in a friendly manner either.  They got about ten feet from where we were when they just stopped and stared with the inferno eyes.  I looked over and noticed that Deedee was in a trance communicating telepathically with the spirits. <br /><br />

I’m not sure what they spoke about, but a few seconds after they stopped, there was a loud crash of thunder and a bolt of lightning that struck several yards away.  Just like that the braves were gone.  In the place where the lightning struck, where the braves had stood was the piece that you see below.  Jason attempted to pick it up immediately, but this piece had a lot of energy was lit up by a spiritual fire from the heavens.  He burned himself; it’s okay, though...  we fixed him up right away.  <br /><br />

After it cooled down, we collected the piece and ran several investigations on it.  It allowed us to see into the spiritual realms of the Kickapoo Indian tribe, where we learned the secrets of the Chief’s Circle.  A Chief’s Circle is a place of supernatural activity where the Indian braves are sent to keep watch over the lands and descendants of the Elders.  Basically, what I’ve described above is the process that ensues in a Chief’s Circle.  The brave spirits are sent to perform a ritual powwow, during which the presence of the Chieftain God is asked to bless the land.  It is an example of direct entry from the spirit realms into our own and is a very powerful magic.  <br /><br />

The piece that we got was at the request of Deedee, who explained to the braves that we meant them no harm; we were simply trying to learn from them.  The Chieftain God blessed us with this gift that allows us to have our own makeshift Chief’s Circle.  It summons the spirits of the Native ancients to descend upon your meeting to bless your spirit and your existence.  He will also bless the land.  This will give you great success in all of your endeavors.  It will fortify your future, and ward off all evils that wish to assail you.  The piece will bring you the magic of the young braves, as they practice it to get by in the spiritual realms.  It is a form of natural magic that calls upon the powers of raw, natural magic that invokes the powers of Earth elements and alchemical properties.  <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful.  We have all taken the time to test it and test it again.  It might take a little bit for the spirit brave that has been transposed into this piece to warm up to you.   It is worth the wait, though, as this power is much enriched.  <br /><br />