Powers from an Authentic Obeah,you may have heard this,but read

Powers from an Authentic Obeah,you may have heard this,but read

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Powers from an Authentic Obeah<br /><br />

Louisiana is definitely the most interesting and intriguing places that I’ve ever been; not just because I adored the French Quarter.  Rather, it has a very rich history and is a ball of paranormal and spiritual fire.  If you’re looking to catch orbs floating around aimlessly, full figured spirits walking down the streets, or things that go bump in the night, you’ve definitely found the right place.  <br /><br />

This next piece is an original from Louisiana, more specifically a place called the Myrtles Plantation.  If you haven’t heard of the plantation, it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.  Many fables and rumors circulate about whose ghosts or spirits might inhabit the place.  There hasn’t really been anything officially substantiated, however.  The estate was built in 1796 by General David Bradford in St. Francisville, Louisiana. <br /><br />

One particular story that caught my interest was the story of a slave named Chloe.  Poor Chloe got her ear lopped off, after she was caught by her master eavesdropping on a private conversation.  Chloe fell back in line with her daily routine, rapping her head in a turban to heal and conceal her wounded ear.  Well, you know what they say—never bite the hand that feeds you.  Maybe the master of the Myrtle Plantation should’ve taken this advice just a little bit more seriously. <br /><br /> 

Supposedly Chloe sought revenge on the slave master by poisoning the birthday of one the slave master’s daughters.  Both of the slave master’s daughters fell ill and died.  As the story goes, Chloe was hung and her spirit wanders the plantation, lingering about in her turban. <br /><br />

For some reason Chloe’s story really struck a nerve, so I decided to stop by on the way home from Louisiana and check out the plantation.  As normal, we began with our investigation by busting out our equipment.  <br /><br />

The investigation led us through a field, back behind a few trees, and eventually gave way to a lake.  At this lake is where we picked up the spiritual hotspot that provided us with the piece that you see below.  While investigating we came across a particularly eerie part of terrain.  It felt as though I had a million tiny little eyes piercing straight through my soul.  The hairs stood at attention on my arms.  The meters began sounding their screechy alarm, and off in the distance I saw a shadow. <br /><br />

As I neared the shadow, I knew at once who I was dealing with.  It was the spirit of a young, healthy looking Chloe; save for the fact that her head was wrapped in a turban due to the lack of her left ear.  As I approached, she seemed to be neither frightened nor stirred as some spirits are.  When I actually got a chance to communicate with her, she informed me that she knew that I was coming, she just didn’t know why.  I explained to her my intentions and she shared with me her story.  <br /><br />

As the tale goes, she had been caught eavesdropping on a conversation—a conversation so wicked that it is even hard to tell.  You see, the slave master had been having an affair with one of the younger slave girls.  It was a slave girl that, to Chloe’s recollection had been transferred to another plantation.  In all actuality the slave girl was being kept in the attic, because she had become impregnated with the slave master’s child.   As this was considered inappropriate in those days, the baby was killed immediately at birth to cover up the affair and the fact that the slave master had been sleeping with the slave girl.  As for the girl herself, she was sent down to New Orleans as a cover up.  <br /><br />

Poor Chloe was caught eavesdropping on the conversation and as her punishment, her ear was lopped off with a machete.  Bad move.  Now, as the story goes, Chloe plotted her revenge while making a cake for the slave master’s daughter; however, this is not correct.  I received a first-hand account that says otherwise.  In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  <br /><br />

First of all, Chloe wasn’t plotting revenge for herself.  Second, she didn’t poison a birthday cake. The fact is that she wasn’t plotting revenge at all.  What the slave master didn’t know is that Chloe was actually an Obeah princess, ordained and practiced in her native country before being forced onto a slave ship.  Simply put, Chloe merely cast a karma divination on the slave master, causing his children to fall ill and die in the same manner he forced the young slave girl’s child to die.  I guess it’s safe to say what goes around comes around.  Chloe realized that everything comes at a sacrifice, and took the punishment that was handed to her.  Her fellow slaves were forced to hang her, because the white people thought it was beneath them. <br /><br />

After she was done recounting her tale, Chloe gave me the hand with the keys that you see here.  This piece is an antique and a pendant that you will feel the power as soon as you hold it. This piece is over 200 years old.   It holds all of her Obeah powers, which can be used for either light force powers or dark force powers.  It is a very potent magic that comes from the mystics from the inner African jungles.  Obeah is a very powerful magic, so you should always make sure that you are in control of the magic that you are in control of.  With that being said, this piece holds the protection and divine nature of Chloe.  It summons her spirit and she will help you along your spiritual journeys in life and the realms of the afterlife. <br /><br />

I'm going to tell you why I love this piece. First of all you FEEl it as soon as you hold it. History I believe can get stuck or leave a residue in older pieces that have dealt with magic. Secondly I have met on accident with a real Obeah that I know held the qualities of a vampire,meaning he was immortal. I met him in a bar in New Orleans years ago and NO I was not drinking. I was having a cherry Coke and  he kept looking at me and then followed me. He vaporized into thin air at one point. <br /><br />

The one thing I learned is you NEVER mess with an Obeah,ever!<br /><br />

I also know that if chloe had wanted her captures dead she could have done it very easily. Why she didn't is beyond me.<br /><br />

What I really like about this piece is what it can do. Each key and there are 5 are keys to the heavens and to the Hells. You decide how you will use them. Black magic or white,it's up to you.