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Who is following you!?

Our group was on an investigation in Maryland and decided to make a stop at the beach before heading home. On the boardwalk there was a booth where you can get old-fashioned photographs made for about $5, so we agreed it would be sort of fun.

We got all dressed up in our hats and back-opened old fashioned dresses and umbrellas. We looked like we were right out of the 1920s. We took the pictures and had two developed; one for the office and one for Deedee's house.

A couple of months later, the one at Deedee's house was still the same, but the one in the office had a little spot on the very left corner - almost like it was being "eaten" up. We didn't think much about it at first. Maybe something got on it?

So we ignored it and went on about our lives. A few weeks later, we noticed that more of the picture was missing on the side where my Steve stood. It was up to his ankles now. I, of course, was getting worried and so was Steve, but we still just shrugged it off. The next time we looked at the photo, it was up to his waist - totally "eaten" away.

I decided I had enough of not knowing what was going on, so I took the photo to an expert in town and had him look at it to see what was wrong, to see if some chemical caused it, etc.

According to him, there was no explanation as to what caused it. He told us, "I can't find any trace that it's been chemically altered, purposely or not. It was fine when the picture was made, and once it dried it was still fine, so it was not the developing. I don't understand it." No help there. At the end of November, Steve had a sinus headache and laid down on the couch in the back office.

It was early morning and he had been woken up abruptly without knowing why. Everything was silent. Steve heard a man's voice call his name. He listened more closely and recognized his cousins voice. He was saying, "Stevie, wake up, Stevie." He always called him "Stevie" so he knew it was him calling out. Steve tried to talk back to him, but his voice slowly left and all was silent again.

The next day, on the photo there was a man's face in the center of it. The face resembled Jim, Steve's cousin so completely: his button nose and curly hair, his mournful eyes.

When Steve saw it, he started to cry. He said, "Jim is telling me I'm going to waste away if I don't do something about it." And somehow I knew that his perception was right. It was like the face that took shape on our photo was speaking to our souls.

The projection of awareness that came forth showcased that Jim's spirit was captured in the photo and was brought about on the one print to acknowledge his spirit surrounding Steve.

Steve had some health issues and ignored all the signs, he doesn't like to go to the doctor. With this experience he was able to realize that he needed to see the doctor. He listened to Jim's warning signs and was able to get help before it was too late! The issue was dealt with prior to it becoming too serious --- the spirit of his cousin saved his life.

It is hard to capture spirits in photos, they are very quick and layer themselves behind the direct realm of those who they follow.

We have a spell-cast piece that will bring forth the ability to showcase any and all spirits that linger around you. You will bond with the piece and then take a picture with yourself in it for a week at the same time each day. You will be able to see any light spots or emergence of spirits that surround you. This piece brings the spirits forward upon the same level that we are on.

This piece is a power evoked item that will bring forth the spirits that have been with you throughout your life. We all have a hindrance of our guardian angel, most times our "angel" is the spirit of a friend or loved one that has passed on.

We often sense and can feel them, but now you will be able to see who is with you. This is a great way to formulate a connection and the power will allow the spirit to know you are enabled to gain substance of their abilities. This is an awesome item that will awaken answers to the questions of why you are on the path that you are, and will bring forth assistance to any answers you are questioning in your life.