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Watch out for the Bogeyman

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the bogeyman. Well guess what? He’s REAL. Lindy was traveling to visit her daughter when she encountered him! She was going down Donegal Road in Mays Landing, New Jersey and everything was dark and quiet. The air was cool so she drove with her windows down. But she now wishes she kept them up because somewhere half way to the city she spotted a hitchhiker.

Lindy at first thought that she would pull over and offer him a ride. That changed however when she was about thirty feet away from him. He looked big, really big, he had to be at least eight feet tall!

Lindy was traveling slowly, about 20 m.p.h., so she wouldn’t run anything over, so she drove past him kind of slow. He looked like he was wearing a big black coat, and a black hat, he also had a scarf wrapped around his neck.

When she passed him he was growling or muttering or something. She was afraid he would reach in and pull her out. Luckily he didn’t, and when she saw him turn slowly toward her car, in the rear-view mirror, she floored it. She didn’t stop until she reached her daughters house.

She told her daughter about her experience and she told Lindy that she should spend the night. That guy was called the Bogey, if you see him than its bad. It is like a premonition that something will go wrong in your life.

On her way home, the next day, Lindy got a call that her neighbor was robbed and beat up pretty bad; she thought this was cause of her seeing the Bogeyman.

Lindy told Deedee of her encounter and Deedee wanted to take the trip and visit the area where she crossed the guys path. There have been many noted Bogeyman experiences, and although they didn't want to wish harm upon themselves or someone else, Deedee and Lindy made the trek back towards New Jersey.

They came upon the road where Lindy saw the man... nothing. They went for dinner to salvage the trip and on there way back they did see him! It was just after dusk and they saw a man ahead in the beam of the headlights.

Deedee stopped and asked him if he needed a ride. The man looked like a zombie, all disgruntled, dirty and eerie like. The man got in the back of the car and fell into the trap that Deedee had in place.

She used a collection charger to absorb the "Bogeyman" into a box. The intensity of the being made the box rock all the way back to PA.

The Bogeyman has always hindered people and his victims would be those who he encountered. Now trapped in a vessel he is no longer able to remit his harm upon innocent bystanders.

The box was given a protected shield and then items were placed inside.

You now have the opportunity to own a piece that is of dark nature; a haunting piece. The Bogeyman's spirit is within these pieces and you will rule his domain.

Each item empowers the owner to be a key player in the mastery of the renewed horror that chills the spine of people across the world.

You will achieve magnificent powers of control, mind rolling, dark force ability and the chance to haunt dreams.

Very cool piece for those interested in mastering the dark side, without changing your soul.

What these are actually is pieces of darkness that you can mold to what you want. There is no one Bogeyman. They are pieces of people that would never go to the light or move on to where they belong,it is energy with a mind.