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This is a little like a fairy but one that can only be summoned by magical rites. Her name is Cyprea and she was named when summoned and will only answer to that name. This Hytersprite is what is called a Gebo which is a German word and means gift. She gives gifts to those that ask, mostly she does wealth, love and happiness.

The ones you will be seeing here all have some of the soul essence captured in the glass,this is the shimmery stuff you may or may not see in the photo. I have some beautiful ones that will go on today in a heart shape and they sit close to the skin. This heats up the crystals inside and puts out a charge to those you are around. Those Hytersprites do all of the above but they have more focus on the love end. These can help you to gain a lover as well as get one back. They also work on existing relationships as well.

These come from the glass lady who just traveled to Ireland to where the woman was abducted by evil fairy. This was a long time ago but she wanted to go into those woods. She did not find the fairy that she was seeking but she did come across a summoner who could call, cast and bring them to life.

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