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This is Mary Helen a vampires daughter who never became an eternal being but held the power of both humans and those that are of a supernatural nature. When you read the day in the life I'm going to tell you all about them as well as the Shadow people and why they are here. I had always thought one thing but now I think I was wrong.

I saw the vampire man over the weekend and will see him again on Saturday all that he showed me just really made me stop and think. I think that the people who play at being vampires are just that,it's not real but for the first time I did meet one a few months ago. Over the course of what was me asking a million questions I have come to like him. He is real and the powers he  holds are also real. He  did decide to tell me how he was really made and it shocked it me because in the end I really don't know where he will end up. But again I will post that all on my day in the life tomorrow.

What your looking is the  real child of a vampire. She was never a vampire but the  soul is eternal and  due to where she has come from she will always remain here. If you a collector of supernatural dolls then these next  few coming are for you. The price is very inexpensive and it is NOT because they are inactive it is just the opposite . I have three spirit children in my home now and  two of them are not the kind that like to share so these must go up. These also have supernatural  powers and are unlike most haunted dolls. I 'm leaving the price low  in order to get rid of them. They are great little supernatural beings but my three  are of a jealous nature.

The one your looking at now is Mary Helen and she died from Yellow Fever in Philadelphia. She was told to say in the house and when the bone collector came around with the death cart he found her dead. Her parents got her back just in time before she was placed into a mass grave.

The mother which will be on next is Nancy Helen and she died with in a week of Mary Helen dying.

Both dolls are like the rest,all empathic,all telepathic and all with great magical ability.

The one your getting is Mary Helen,the child.

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