Alien Creation Bracelet

Alien Creation Bracelet

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Grey Aliens are cloned alien beings that were created by Reptilian Aliens as a slave race. Since their revolt against the oppressive regime of the Reptilian Aliens, the Grey Aliens have wondered into the far reaches of the milky-way Galaxy and the Universe.

Grey Aliens are responsible for many close encounters experienced by modern day people, and have become a pop-culture phenomenon since the reports of Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51 that is said to house dead remains of Grey Aliens

Today, it known that Grey Aliens have made secret agreements with Earthly governments. These agreements allow the Grey Aliens to experiment with human test subjects to find a solution to their most dire problem, the extinction of the Grey Alien race.

The Grey Aliens are very unique, and sometimes people can't help but feel sorry for them, but we must remember their true nature and their evil creators.

After the Grey Aliens rebelled against the Reptilian oppression and made their way into the dark limits of space, they began to encounter an epic problem; their race was dying off.

Because Grey Aliens were cloned beings, they were not equipped with any reproductive organs; therefore, their race was no longer able to grow and sustain their population.

Although Grey Aliens have many advance technologies passed down to them by their creators, they do not possess the knowledge and understanding of perfect cloning. They soon realized that their physical bodies were degenerating each time they re-cloned their bodies. Each time they were having to clone themselves sooner, only living 20-30 years.

Because they are clones (created to be a slave race), they suffer from genetic mutations, and diseases, but most problematic they are slowly dying. This poses a problem because Grey Aliens were created without any reproductive organs, hence their issue! Combined with the inability to re-produce and little knowledge of the cloning technology that the Reptilian Aliens possess, Grey Aliens face a time sensitive issue that they have now set out to solve.

Behold, the beginnings of the Human Hybrid Grey Alien Agenda --- which is what is encapsulated within this piece. The fossilization of power that radiates a pulled force of ratified energy that holds the key to their survival. The ability to clone modified Greys is at your finger tips!

You will be the new creator, but you can tweek the genetics to allow them to hold reproduction qualities and will be ale to fortify all aspects of their intent of knowledge and power as you will be their new master.

The control of this piece is incredible and the material agenda you empower is a critical aspect to the future. This is an indulgent piece of power and we have barely touched the surface of all that can be propelled with this power -- as we have not wanted anyone to fully connect, or they would be the master and there has to be a calling and knowledge of reform to reign with this piece!

You will feel an attraction if you are meant to be this person~ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-tribute Godly powers and control elements of a creation that is noted for their unique talents and hidden identities!