Chandrakanta,don't miss this one,building power in  days

Chandrakanta,don't miss this one,building power in days

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Chandrakanta Moonstone

There are many powers "floating" around in space.  In order to adequately tap into these powers it is necessary for one to understand the divination of the Sun.  The Sun is the supreme chief and center of the universe.  It is what provides us gravity, which today has become mainstream science, but in actuality is a very magical power.  What other powers do you know that can literally hold an entire universe together with out the seams busting?  Thus, the Sun is the Oracle that acts as a doorway into a world of magical powers that are emanated from celestial bodies all over our universe.  It should come as no surprise then, that this piece comes from the Konark Temple of the Sun.

The Sun Temple is a 13th Century structure was ordered to be built by the East Ganga King.  It has been dedicated to the Sun God and ultimately the Sun.  It is shaped like a giant chariot and holds many sacred carvings and glyphs.  During an investigation of the temple, Adita was able to unlock the secret of one glyph in particular, which released the powers of the Moon.  The moon is the Sun's nighttime counter part and is illuminated only by the Sun to give us light at night.  The light from the Moon is, thus, fortified with magical powers.  The rays from the moon are then emanated directly to Earth.  There is something about the softness of the moons energies that allow them to be congealed and turned into what are known as Chandrakanta.  They are stones that are the congealed energy of the moon, turned into sheer, pure powers of the Universe. 

These gems are loaded with otherworldy magic.  They will give you a boost of esoterism that will allow you to open the higher part of your mind.  Once you do, these powers will melt into your soul and become part of you.  You will then gain a multitude of gnostic  truths.  These will unlock your full psychic ability, give you complete powers over Theurgy and the ability to summon any spirits you want for their powers, the ability of spiritual healing of the soul, and the ability to practice white light, astrological sorcery. 


This is a set of 7 bracelets that you will wear one each day uintil your wearing all 7 of them together. Wearing them together will look like it does in the picture. This is not one to miss as your building your enlightenment,power and knowledge at a pace that lasts forever.