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White Light Worlds of the Klippoth

It's funny that I'm writing the description for this piece today.  I mean, it's one that we've been testing for some time, but I literally just had a conversation with my mother about purpose last night.  She reassured me that there is a purpose for every person's life and the human race in general.  Then, I came to work this morning and looked at these files and according to an ancient magical practice the whole point to human existence is to reinstate the harmony of the universe. 

The harmony of the universe was destroyed during "the Fall", at the Breaking of the Vessels.  All except for three of the vessels fell and were destroyed, releasing the evil Klippoth.  The result was that there were many created worlds and planes of existence.  They have been compared to the sparks that fly from a hot piece of iron when beaten and shaped by with a hammer. 

These world dawned the eras of new beings, created by the Klippoth.  Although the Klippoth were evil, not all of their offspring are evil.  Remember, they were once the Holy Vessels of God that held his emanation and all of his white light truths and knowledge.  The evil spawn of the Klippoth, known as the Kings of Edom, have successfully been annihilated.  Angels have been sent to the worlds of God's emanation to guard over the secret aspects of his magic. 

There are still the three Vessels that have never been opened, which are still in Heaven and will be opened upon Christ's Second Coming to Earth.  Meanwhile, man has done its part in the balance of things to keep a need for both good and evil.  This was done during our creation and the installment of freewill which requires the need of some dark forces for the sake of tribulation and temptation. 

This item is a key to the White Light Worlds of the Klippoth.  These are the white light worlds that were spawned by the Breaking of vessels.  This item holds a spark from the original breaking.  The spark is the piece of one of the jars that shattered during the Fall.  It has been safeguarded by a Lurianic Kabbalist for hundreds of years who has used its powers to obtain Godly immortality.  However, it was his time to move one.  The piece has since been melted down and used in the making and design of this item. 

This piece gives you a white light divination of the Vessels.  There is a correspondence to each of these Vessels that exist in our soul.  We are the children of God, instilled with his immortal and divine presence.  These psychic connection merely haven't been drawn yet.  Using this piece you can travel into your mind, where each one of the White Light Worlds of the Klippoth exist in double form.  While you are within these worlds that are within your mind you will discover a secret of God that is guarded by an Angel at the location of each world. 

These secrets correspond to a magical aspect of the White Light of God that has been spilled by the vessels of God during the Breaking, after the Fall.  This is a metaphor for the fact that you will be able to reach inside your soul to pull out the aspect of each White Light World that exists within your own soul, by discovering it within.      

The power in this is incredible because you would never have access to it otherwise and each power is great,a greatness that you enevelope,totally into your own soul and mind.

 This necklace is made of glass and Aurora borealis glass beads. It is also 51 inches long so you may double wrap it if you wanted to. The glass holds in the heat of the power and the energy in the crystals,you get covered in it.  The piece itself is very nice looking,much better then the picture which I took on a black back ground,