Raising A Storm: Payback's A "B-Word"

Raising A Storm: Payback's A "B-Word"

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It had been admitted by the papacy since the 1700s that witches have the magical ability to control the weather and cause storms.  Earlier than this, in 1489, Ulrich Molitor revealed that witches could provoke lightning and hail.  I don't see why this comes as such a big secret, considering the fact that witches were literally and wrongfully burned at the stake for practicing a whole variety of other types of powers.  I guess it really struck home when the people had the Archbishop of Canterbury admitting the fact that the powers of witches could basically rival any religious miracle powers the religions clerics held.

Grizzelle got this piece from one of her cousins Shaleena.  Shaleena made this piece to give to one of her friends as a wedding gift.  Ironically, Shaleena ended up using the piece on her friend, because apparently the friend had a fidelity problem and was also sleeping with Shaleena's boyfriend.  I know, it sounds like My Gypsy Wedding gone all awry.  Now, I don't want you to get confused, Shaleena didn't strike her friend with lightning or kill her with hail balls, although that probably would have been a mild alternative.   This piece creates a storm in a more metaphoric way.  It holds the pure powers of retribution, of vengeance, and of pay back.  It is the ultimate power that will get the person back who has been tormenting you.  It will reciprocate their energy exponentially, effectively punishing them for years to come.  For instance, "the friend's" parent fell ill shortly afterwards.  In their will they left everything to her younger sister, who wasn't even biologically their child.  She estranged her sister out of spite and soon after she went bankrupt and since she was a cheating whore, she had nobody to be there for her.  She found herself in the poor house and now she is knocked up by some guy she had a fling with after he treated her to a pint of beer.  She's on a public welfare system and has no idea how she is going to provide for her baby.  Bad luck, right?  It had a guiding hand.  The guiding hand was this item.

This item is a complete vengeance item.  You can summon the powers in this item to conjure up a shit storm to send to somebody else.  The limitations on this piece are as follows:  you can only use this piece for revenge.  You can't use the powers in this piece unless you have been wronged by somebody, the reason being is you have to focus on the energies of the wrong doings to release this power, rid yourself of the energies, and then send them back to the trangressor.  This piece is effective in helping karma.  You know what they say about payback's.  They're a "B-Word."

This necklace is made entirely out of amethyst.  It is a beautiful handcrafted item that is the perfect piece for any collection of magical talent!!