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Here is another piece that we got from an investigation.  This investigation took place in the New Jersey Clay Pits.  The Clay Pits now host a place called the Woodbridge Center Mall.  Despite the modernization of the clay pits, locals say that the clay pits still remain a mysterious and odd place.  It's a place that most people avoid if they can help it.  Of course, those who aren't locals don't know any better and there is a mall there, so there is much more traffic in the area that previously normal. 

The strange things in Woodbridge began with a small church-like structure that stood in the clay pits.  It had no known religion, but donned pews and and very quaint decorations.  It was estimated to be built in the 1940s, but had since been abandoned.  People who have been to the church described that it held supernatural powers and that you could feel the energy rush through you as soon as you entered the building.  Others even went as far as to say in held healing powers.  Either way, the church is where the Woodbridge Figures were found. 

The Woodbridge Figures are a group of roughly 100 wooden figures, some painted, some not.  They range in size from 4 to 8 inches.  The were found under the church during the razing of the church to clear the land necessary to make way for the new mall that was going in.  According to records I was able to access from the 1960s, the guy who originally found the pieces had to be institutionalized because he kept hearing the figures talking to him. 

I tracked down one of the owners of some of the figures that were sold in New York City.  While he didn't understand what, he did admit that the figure emit some sort of mental oddity.  He owned a bunch of the figures and allowed us to go take a look.  The most unique thing about the figures that stood out to me was the fact that they all looked different, which told me that these weren't random carvings.  They were carvings done with an intent and purpose, with each different design representing a different person... or as I found out later, entity. 

Although art collector was unwilling to part with his treasure, he did allow us to have an energetic exorcism, which allowed us to pull the energies from the relics and place them into this item.  This scores big in two ways-  the collector is no longer influenced with the energies in the items and we get the energies!  Win-win!  

We took the piece home immediately and began experimenting with it.  The piece holds the energies of 36 of the figures.  They each hold ten degrees of a circle of energy.  Together, all 36 of these piece create a fully circle.  When you allow this energy to bond with your soul, there is an soul-alchemy infusion.  It allows you to open up your mind to Native American conjurance magic and what the Indians referred to as the, "Star Walkers"... or in some cases just "the Walker".  In fact there was a lady in New Jersey remembered as "the walker" who supposedly had inbred children.  I haven't done an investigation into her existence, but I'd be willing to be that she was having alien babies. 

Either way, the 360 degrees, opens up a circle that allows you to communicate with the Walkers.  They exist apart from us, in a realm that thrives on every type of magical and energetic advancement that you can imagine!  Think of it like this... electric is essentially energy manipulation of things found in nature to gain desired results.  The Walkers live in an atmosphere that is 100 times more energetically charged than ours.  Their sky is orange and their sun is blood red.  They appear as primitive, ugly beings but that's because they don't need cars or computers, because they are so technologically advanced they don't need any of that.  They have mastered the art of mastering the elements in their world-- and ours when they were here-- and have converted all energies into magic that gives them powers that you couldn't even imagine!  They first visited the Earth in the time of the Native Americans in ancient times.  They've instilled their magic into the Native Americans, who have in turn, put the energies in these figures.  Each figure represents a different Star Walker entity that has at one point in time visited Earth and left is power behind, to the Indians. 

This items summons 36 of these Star Walkers who will open the circle for you.. You will become like the "Star Walkers", given the ability to communicate them and furnished with all of their energetic and alchemical abilities.  This includes the ability to unlock the space-time continuum, to control time, to travel to anywhere you want to go in existence, to master the flow of the cosmos.  Basically, if the magic in this piece hasn't already mastered a power or an ability, it holds the capability to do so!  Your Star Walkers will guide you on your journey to extraterrestrial excellence and will allow the absorption of the energies of the aliens who first appeared to the Native Americans!