Wealth Hymn of Renenutet
Wealth Hymn of Renenutet
Wealth Hymn of Renenutet

Wealth Hymn of Renenutet

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Wealth Hymn of Renenutet

I will make the Nile swell for you,
without there being a year of lack and exhaustion in the whole land,
so the plants will flourish, bending under their fruit.
The land of Egypt is beginning to stir again,
the shores are shining wonderfully,
and wealth and well-being dwell with them,
as it had been before.

Adita secured this piece for us a few months back, and we have been working with it ever since.  It comes from a startling new discovery that is making headway in what used to be the Lower Kingdom of Egypt.  Excavations are being undergone in areas that we can't even discuss at the moment, due to the severity of the secrecy involved.

However, I will tell you this much.  What is currently being unearthed, they are calling the Temple of the Oracle.  From what has been discovered so far, it is believed to be an underground, inverted pyramid.  There are catacombs that serve as burial spots for the ancients; however the most elusive part of the pyramid is what is known as the Renenutet Oracle Chamber.

Adita was lucky enough to take part in a portion of this incredible discovery.  From what she said, they governments that have co-operated on this project intend to keep it a secret from the public... at least until they have fully excavated the area.  Even then they will most likely ponder whether or not they want to release this information into the public spectrum.

The temple, which is not that large in comparison to the Great Pyramids of Giza, is dedicated to the goddess of nourishment, abundant harvest, and overall wealth.  She is the one who is credited with flooding the Nile so that way the Egyptians could grow and then later harvest their crops.  This would feed their livestock and their people for the coming year.  The name of goddess is Renenutet.  Her husband is the River Nile, whom she fully controls.  She uses her divine alchemy to make sure the Earth is fertile.  In those days crops were like currency.  Egypt was extremely abundant.  If it were in terms of money, Egypt would have been worth more than the current-day United States of America! 

The most important part about the find of this temple is the Renenutet Oracle Chamber.  This chamber is exactly that-- an oracle that summons the spirit of the Goddess Renenutet.  It invokes her powers to bestow wealth upon whomever can figure out the secrets that reside on the wall of her temple. Her temple is inverted to symbolize the fact that after the blessing, or the harvest, Renenutet would resume her animal form, the snake, and retreat into the Earth, which she was made out of. 

Adita, along with several other team members were successfully able to interpret the script on the temple walls and learn how to gain the divination of Renenutet.  This item, according to instructions, has been left in the Oracle Chamber for three full astrological cycles.  They are fully and I mean FULLY charged with pure, extreme wealth powers of the Egyptian Goddess of Wealth, Renenutet.  This power will bring wealth to you from ALL venues.  Every type of wealth that you can imagine, this piece will bring for you.  You will gain wealth financially through investments, business, and chance.  You will gain wealth spiritually through enlightenment and divination.  This piece is an all around perfect piece for those of you who have been looking to advance your current condition with a very POWERFUL wealth item!!

To activate the full wealth alchemy of this piece, you must recite the Hymn that is listed above.  It is a call into the astral realms to the goddess Renenutet that will seek out her soul and give you her release.  Your piece will be activated and you will be on your way to full wealth. 

 This is all sterling silver and the last person that owned was a size 10 0r 11 AND THAT IS THE SIZE OF THIS RING. When you get this ring you should begin to use it right away. This works right away so don't let it sit around because the power want to be used!