Lucid Dream Induction

Lucid Dream Induction

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I have been lucid dreaming just about every night since I have started testing this piece!

At first when I realized I was dreaming I was rushed by a dark entity and I immediately would freak out and wake up. Eventually I confronted my fear in the dream and would taunt it, and once I even went ahead and struck at the thing. Since then I haven't encompassed it in my dreams.

My lucid dreams would always seem to start with me turning on a light that would immediately signal a whistle that would invite entities.. now, that's my safety net. If I
feel as if I'm dreaming and danger is near I flip a switch nearby and it proclaims me back into my body.

The sensation is something that connects almost immediately and you are able to embrace the channels of facets that will change your outlook and bring forth the
ability to meet spirits and ignite the pathways of the Universal realms... and thus live out your desires on the astral realm.

With this piece you will live in your dreams, and be able to make choices clearly, thus allowing you to change aspects of your physical life by changing elements of
the astral flow!

Very unique and cool piece~