Dimensional Brothers

Dimensional Brothers

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Pleiadians are said to resemble humans in form; however, they are highly advanced spiritual beings~

Pleiadians are believed to exist in a different space-time dimensions because of their ability to harness the powers of the higher spiritual planes.

The Pleiadians are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the planet Erra which orbits the star 10-Tauri (also known as Taygeta).

Pleiadians are said to be refugees from the Lyran Wars. Brought into light by the controversial alien contact, and prophet, Billy Meier.

Pleiadians, known as Plejaren, continue to capture our thoughts and imaginations into the infinite reaches of our Universe and what it may hold.

Often times people will come up with advanced ideas and concepts that are brilliant... and then before they can tell someone the idea, or note it, it leaves their
mind. And then they drive them-self crazy trying to recall their thought... has this ever happened to you?

This used to happen to me ALL the time. I would get interrupted, or something would distract me and within that split second my comment, good idea, or answer to
someones question was gone -- and I could not bring back the thought.

I used to believe I just had a bad memory, and was scared to get old... as I already had a poor memory, but then I learned of the Pleiadians and realized my concepts, thoughts and answers were being taken.

This item allows you to connect with these creatures in their dimensions and surface the brilliance that lies within. You will gain access to the best ideas that have ever been thought of... as they were stolen by these beings, but now you can bring them back to the Earth and gain power through these righteous advanced
thoughts and concepts!

People will be amazed with the new "ideas" and way of thinking that you will adhere too... but in reality you will be bringing to life the thoughts that should have
prevailed decades ago.

It is rare to gain access to their dimension... and with this piece you get just that, along with the ability to pull and channel what you learn back with you. So you
WILL recall what you have heard and seen while there~!

You can surely use this to advance your life in a million different ways... the possibilities are ENDLESS on what you can do with the key to this gold mine!