Alien White Light Protection

Alien White Light Protection

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The most advanced race in the galaxy are known as Arcturians.

Arcturians are the benevolent beings from the Bootes Constellation that have kept planet Earth safe from the evil agendas of both the Grey Alien and the Reptilian Alien.

Arcturian Aliens possess universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health and allow humans to tap into their teachings through Arcturian Alien Channeling's.

Arcturians teach about love, peace, and spirit; however, Arcturians also possess the might of war!

Through the use of the Arcturian Starship Athena, Arcturians are able to protect Earth with an unbelievable force. Many who follow the teachings of the Arcturians are beginning the revolution of the conscious age.

This revolution is what jolted this item into existence. With this piece you will be a granted master warrior, who will not have to battle, but will one day lead humans to the powerful and mystical forces the Arcturians practice today!

You will become the chosen one who will proclaim the next level of succession to our creed -- this is your chance to take the spark that has been ignited and explode upon the world with your extreme power that will transpire within you when you connect with the energy in this piece~!