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The Hephaestus Manuscript

On April 5, 1909 the Arizona Gazette ran an article with the under the heading, “Explorations in Grand Canyon: Remarkable finds indicate ancient people migrated from Orient.” The article claimed that the Smithsonian Institute funded the project, giving the group of investigators the resources and means to make the expedition possible. Several professional historians and archaeologists were sent to the Arizona Grand Canyon after claims had circulated that there was once a band of ancient Egyptians that sought refuge here on the American continent.

According to the group of investigators the findings of the research efforts were of great significance, benchmarking a new chapter in history. The research team reported finding ancient hieroglyphics chiseled into caverns that were dug into the canyon’s walls. Explorations that delved further into these caverns produced the discovery of artifacts including weapons and tools that were crafted from bronze, statues of Egyptian deities, and cryptic mummies in tombs that nearly replicated those found in the actual Egyptian pyramids. The Smithsonian Institute was quick to deny their involvement with any such investigation and disavowed any such findings. Subsequent attempts to locate these catacombs consistently come up empty handed, thus dismissing the claims that any such catacombs ever existed.

In the year 2004, I received a call from an unidentified caller that claimed he was from a top-secret, strictly-classified bureau of professional investigators that were headquartered in a base that was coalitional with the White Sands Missile Base in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Approximately fourteen days after the news of the catacombs hit the press in Arizona in 1909, while attending a Washington DC Senators baseball game, William Taft, then commander-in-chief of the USA, received word of EXACTLY what was going on. Later that day President Taft released a classified, executive order forcing all research to cease in the Grand Canyon and implementing a government probe into what was going on in Arizona. He also implement a massive cover up and the information obtained by the US government remains classified to this day, save for the fact that my source provided me with exclusive details as to the whereabouts of the catacombs.

It was high time for an old-fashioned investigation, so we packed up the crew and flew to Arizona. It’s true what they say, it rarely rains there, and this investigation was a hot, dry mission, but it proved fruitful nevertheless. We commissioned a local Native American tour guide to help us locate the debriefed coordinates. When we finally found the coordinates, we had to do some serious digging, but we were able to find the covert entrance to the ancient tomb. It was like hitting the Jackpot.

The catacombs was left perfectly preserved, like a middle-eastern time capsule in Southwest American. The hieroglyphics existed in accordance to previous testimony. The artifacts were intact, crafted of copper and still in nearly perfect condition. It was like a vessel lost in time. Upon further exploration of the cavern, we were able to find mummified remains, and the treasures of these of mummies. The treasures were cursed and we didn’t want to tick the mummies off, so we let in there.

However, we were able to find the pieces that you see above, in a separate chamber of the cavern that wasn’t hexed with an ancient curse. As it turns out, the group from the ancient orient, as they were dubbed over a decade ago, were actually a group of ancient sorcerers that were banned by the Pharaoh, Menes, for not delivering his every wish. Somehow, the group ended up here, leaving behind these invaluable artifacts that are listed above.

These pieces were found in a chamber with an ancient book-- a chamber that was overlooked by our predecessors. The English equivalent of this book’s title is, the Hephaestus Manuscript”. We are proud to say that our discovery of this book marks, to date, the oldest publication known to man. We obtained the book and maintain the book in an undisclosed location, as we fear the possibility of misuse of the contents. The book provides a detailed account of the derivations of the galaxy in which we live. It gives every account of every source of magic from the past, present, and time yet to come. It gives a detailed, accurate account of events in history, what’s going on present day, and what is yet to come, including the ending of the planet, Earth, as we know it currently. Additionally, the book provides directions on how to open portals to other realms, dimensions, and astral planes. It will allow you to open up the doorway to a realm that holds ancient holographic pyramids that display a bank of information in a code only those that hold the piece will be able to decipher. The pieces that we are providing you hold the full power and knowledge of the Hephaestus Manuscript and are available to you immediately.