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Knowledge is Power/F*

Everywhere you look there is someone living in their own world. There are so many people who we pass each day who we will never know, or even communicate with. There is meaning to every aspect of life and each person has their own purpose.

It is interesting to watch others and see how they interpret their meaning... some learn at a young age what path they are meant to travel upon and others may never know! There is a pattern in life that attributes to strength, knowledge and power. You can sometimes accidentally uncover your meaning, but for many you need to be put on the right path.

We discovered how to use the process of alectryomancy to seek out understanding for those who are lost in this world. We have a powerful seed that is spell cast for the buyer and then placed in our courtyard; the seed draws birds; they peck at it for a while and fly away. The pattern of the seed that remains will hold knowledge of discovery that will be shared with you to help you find meaning in your life and help you prosper on the right pathway!

Once we learn about your path we will ritualize a charm that fits your profile--- this piece should be adorned on a chain and worn by you to help you uncover the many aspects of life in which you have been missing; your eyes will be open to new areas that you have never noticed before.

This ritual will require you to give us your name, age and desirement for your life ~ we can then use this information to spell cast our special seed and start the process for you! This is already a big seller for private buyers, it is now available to all purchasers, gain insight today!