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Divination Process/F*

A man's home is his castle, this is what is noted to showcase that you are the boss in your own home; no one can tell you what to do there, no one can enter without your permission. This is the same factoral aspect of the Castle of the Interior Man.

This is the process of growth within your soul. There are seven noted stages of spiritual growth through which the soul ascends toward the Divinity.

These seven stages are:

1. Prayer and concentration on God

2. Prayer directed at obtaining knowledge of the mystical significance of manifested reality

3. Self-renunciation, or the so-called "dark night of the soul"

4. Surrender to the will of God

5. A state of union with the Divinity so that one's will and the will of God become one

6. A state of ecstasy where the soul is filled with love and joy

7. The mystic marriage, or mustic union, with God in which the inner being enters Heaven.

Many people live their life in a carefree state... they do not think twice about life after death, they live for the moment. If you desire enrichment in your divine state of knowledge then you need a blessed piece to keep your spirit rejuvenated with the love and purity of God.

This piece will allow you to open your heart and purify your soul with the love that you wish to send on throughout the realms. Your spirit is trapped within your body to allow you time to meet the seven stages in order to gain entrance into Heaven. Use this blessed adornment to carry you on your journey --- you will activate your process by praying with the piece to unite you with its blessings.

This will not last long --- a religious endowment that will carry you on your journey; a must have!