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Staff Meeting/F*

The Greek god Hermes along with the Roman god Mercury were noted for their vast power. Both gods were known for always carrying a staff; this is what held all their abilities. Many believed that the staff was simply used as a magic wand unmasking the power from within the gods, we have learned that the powers themselves are actually held within the staff and are granted to whomever holds it.

Our investigative team discovered a few mini staffs that belonged to a Sorcerer named Calx. These work the same way, as the staffs of Hermes and Mercury, --- they bestow the powers and abilities to the person holding the piece. The magic is spell cast within and so there isn't really anything that needs to be learned.

To release the power you simply must first bond with the piece in order to allow an understanding of your intentions. The energy within the staff will connect with your bodies energy and will govern you abilities that it feels you deserve. These items adhere to the strength in which Calx deposited within each piece.

The powers granted are unique for each person who bonds with the item; these are tongra items that hold powers of ancient magic. The pieces are not old, but the abilities are! These are items that Calx spell cast to carry on the legacy of his forefathers; sorcerers unite in their strength to control the future.

When tested these staffs brought forth powers of glamour and twilight, but will certainly release unique powers upon others because sorcery is one which knows no bounds and has no limits, except those which are allowed by the user. Since we deal with a variety of spirits and paranormal creatures daily, our energies are all over the place --- but for someone with a more stable energy field you will gain a more endeared sense of power from one of these pieces!