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Isobel's Gift/F*

Isobel Gowdie was a Scottish farmer's wife who made a spontaneous confession that she performed witchcraft in 1662. Isobel had been initiated into a coven under the sponsorship of Maragaret Brodie. When she was being initiated the master of the coven had bared her shoulder, cut it, and drawn forth some blood; the blood was then mixed with spittle in order to make a mark on Isobel's forehead. The master then "baptized" her as a member of the coven.

Isobel became a regular attendee of the coven meetings where she learned a variety of mating dances. She also acquired the magical knowledge which allowed her to change herself into different animals; she even noted that she had sex with demons and the devil.

The coven consisted of 13 members; Isobel's husband had no knowledge of her initiation into the coven or her involvement at all with witchcraft until 15 years after her initiation. Isobel came forth and confessed to the elders of the church of Auldearne and also named several other members of the coven; they were all arrested.

Even though Isobel came forth and repented her crimes she was hanged and later burned for her involvement. We have a piece that belonged to Isobel and was used in her coven to call upon demons. This is one of very few dark pieces that we have available.

The piece holds relentless energy that jolts through your body when you touch it.... we do not do much testing with dark pieces because we do not wish to call upon evil when we have so many spirits within our supply of products. If we called upon darkness we would have a massive war of good and evil ~

We had an active witch that Deedee knows take a look at the piece and she didn't want to give it back... she said it is impressive and holds incredible portals to the underworld. We have had many requests for dark pieces so we told her we wanted to keep it --- we didn't tell her we were going to sell it or she would probably have a fit that we didn't let her buy it!

We want to give our elite customers who dark magic to have the first chance to revel in this piece! We do not have a lot of information as to what you will experience, but we know the piece is extremely powerful and full of dark energy --- get it while it's "hot."