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I received this piece from a client that is located in Alexandria, Egypt. He sent it to me as a gift a while back in 2003. I have been working with the piece ever since. The man is an Egyptian Kher Heb, which is basically the equivalent of a high priest, only in Egyptian religion. He thought that I would find this piece particularly useful, as he found the piece on a pilgrimage to Giza. He found this piece in one of the smaller pyramids built there. It was an unclaimed piece, so it wasn’t like he was stealing it, even though he had to smuggle it out for fear of the temple guards confiscating it.

Anyway, he had enough of these such trinkets laying around, so he decided to give the piece to me. He commissioned me to find out what significance the piece plays or had played, or maybe if there wasn’t any significance at all. The piece lay idle for a few months, but eventually when I began testing it and I unlocked the powers that it beholds, I found that this piece was nothing short of extraordinary.

The piece actually holds the spirit of the ancient Egyptian God, Djehuti. He is the God of mathematics, writing, and scholarship. With this piece you will gain the knowledge of religious numerology, cryptic coding, and other ancient wisdoms. These wisdoms and the fact that Djehuti is one of the ancient creation Gods will give you the secrets of creation, and will allow you to form souls and spirits just like Djehuti could. You will also be given his healing power and the ability to impose your spirit and desire upon anyone at anytime, as Djehuti’s powers will allow you to reign supreme in the this world, the spirit world and the Egyptian Underworld. As a side note, with Djehuti’s healing power, you will be able to assist people with mental illness. I can’t speak for everyone, but shortly after acquiring this piece, my ADHD cleaedr up, I could concentrate better, I felt like my depression went away, and I stopped having panic attacks.