Epiphysis Cerebri

Epiphysis Cerebri

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Epiphysis Cerebri

Existent in the front of the human brain, is a powerful little tool, about the size of a grain of rice. Most humans will not utilize the powers sent forth from this tool, merely because they are ignorant of the abilities that they have the potential to unlock. What I am talking about is the pineal gland. It goes by several other names, including pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, or "third eye". This tiny little gland is in the shape of a pine cone. It is situated between the two hemispheres and is tucked in the grove where the left and right hemispheres of the brain join.

This gland is believed by scientists to be the vestigial remnant of some sort of larger organ. What the gland technically does is produce serotonin and melatonin. These two components will aid an individual in regulating his or her sleep and wake patterns, along with seasonal functions. The physical human body runs on a twenty-four hour pattern, as does the rest of the physical world. Scientifically, the pineal gland helps to regulate and control this factor of the human mind.

Literally, what the pineal gland will do is act as a third eye, and allow for your body to gain a deeper consciousness and awareness. The gland is the connection point between the spiritual and physical realms. The vibrations and frequencies given off by our planet, Earth, are constantly allowing souls and spirits to come into our world. The pineal gland is a way of directly communicating with these spirits and souls from other realms. All you must do is active the gland.

That’s where you can factor in our expertise. We have a connection based in Vermont that is a spirit medium. She gave us this piece that will increase your bodily energy flow. The piece will raise your physical frequency, elevating your mind into a higher state of consciousness. You will leave your physical state of consciousness. You will undergo a spiritual metamorphosis, during which your third eye will be opened.

When you reach this point, you will gain a maximum level of spirituality. You will have the ability of out of body travel, being able to travel into existing and new spiritual realms. Your psychic abilities will increase and you will also experience an increase in “dream time” messages-- that is psychic messages that occur during R.E.M. sleep. You will also gain a complete understanding of the subliminal messages that are being conveyed by the spirits that are currently living in our realm. As your frequency increases, you will be able to communicate with the spirits telepathically and freely, as if they were people sitting across the table from you.

Your pineal gland will become a spiritual transmitter and receiver. It will be directly connected with your new ability to receive and make prophecies. With this being said, you must be extremely careful as the gland can be manipulated by negative or Satanic forces. This will allow for something from another dimension to enter your body. Such is the case with demon and spirit possession.

Now, as stated before the piece that we are offering will allow you to elevate your frequency and energy to a level necessary to activate your pineal gland. Additionally this piece will provide whoever possesses it a spiritual cleansing that is necessary to fully maximize his or her experience. Finally, this piece will provide you with a spiritual shield, so as to protect you from any negative or evil entity or being you may encounter. This piece is powerful and should be used with caution; however, when done the right way will provide for a venture you have never experienced before.