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The Dragon-Snake of the Solomon Islands

I have always wanted to visit the Solomon Islands. Judging by pictures, the islands seemed to be marked by a air of beauty and mystique. The coastline is very scenic, and although, parts of the islands have been ravaged by ethnic battles and pillaging warlords, there are many safe places in the islands that have a lot to offer. The islands have a rich cultural heritage, being discovered in the by the Spanish in 1568 under captain Alvaro de Mendaña de Neira. There were multiple unsuccessful attempts to try to rediscover and colonize the Solomon Islands by the Spanish. Finally, the islands were rediscovered and mapped by captain Philip Carteret in 1767, under the British flag.

Besides all of the historical hubbub, who wouldn’t want to visit a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean? So, when DeeDee asked me if I wanted to go on an investigation to the Solomon Islands, I was all for it. Our team flew into Honiara International Airport, and traveled to our lodging headquarters, Uepi Island. We were staying in the appropriately named Uepi Island Resort. The first few nights were marked by uncharted fun, but then it was time to get down to business-- this is what went down.

The Solomon Islands have long been known for mysterious happenings. The islands, marked by its deposits of alluvial gold, were first considered to be the hiding spot for King Solomon’s treasures and the very source of his great magnitude of wealth. Additionally, there have been sightings of paranormal beings ranging anywhere from lurking giants in the rainforests to the mystical Solomon Islands “Dragon Snake” and reported Subterranean UFO bases. We were here to get to the bottom of things and that was exactly what we planned to do.

On the first night of our investigation, we set up base in an abandoned hut along the Marovo Lagoon. It was my turn to outpost, and at first, when I spotted what I can only describe as tiny star, I had to rub my eyes and pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I called for the others, who also saw what I saw. It was a very bright, luminous, glowing object not much larger than a small bush plane. It was completely round, maybe fifty to sixty feet in diameter. The object was a good quarter of a mile off the coast, hovering above the lagoon and silent, making no noise whatsoever.

It hovered there for ten minutes upon which it ascended its height, dove into the water at tremendous speed, and then resurfaced and disappeared. The next day, when we were able to tell the locals about what had transpired, they shared with us the local legends of the “dragon snake”, which actually has nothing to do with a dragon or a snake. It is actually a sort of native codename for what our culture would describe as an unidentified flying object, or UFO. It turns out that the dragon snake is a perpetual part of the Solomon Islands’ history, its legend being handed down from generation to generation via word of mouth, only more recently being actually recorded and documented. Funny thing is, however, that we were not able to pinpoint a reliable source of video for any of the occurrences that have been documented or verbally communicated.

We now had our next mission, as there were obviously noteworthy things taking place here. We just needed to find out what was going on. We did some research, and left the following morning, hiking up the side of an extinct volcano that was the highest point on Uepi Island. We made camp, digging out all of our video recording equipment, and hunkered down, waiting for nightfall.

Ask and ye shall receive. At about 2:40am, the following morning we began to witness the same phenomena, only this time, being at such a high altitude, we were able to see a vast majority of the island, Uepi, and more star-like UFOs. We began filming, and at approximately 3:07am, we came across one of these UFOs at an estimated 237 feet above ground level and approximately half a mile away. The object began to move slowly in our direction, seeming to scan the ground for any source of life form... or perhaps King Solomon’s Gold... .who knows, really? All we know is that the object began to ascend the volcano-mountain and we continued to film, not knowing what to expect.

It came closer and closer, descending to maybe 50 feet above ground level. It stopped and hovered above our camp. There was a beautiful display of light coming from the undercarriage of the of the aircraft. Whoever, or whatever, had developed this ornate display of lighting was also a very crafted engineer, because the aircraft made no sound, simply hovered. As we had previously suspected from a distance, the UFO was perfectly round and also perfectly symmetrical. There was not a flaw, scrape, or blemish on the entire structure. The object was completely architecturally and seemed to dance, rather than fly, in the sky. It was truly an aerodynamic masterpiece.

After a few seconds of marveling in the beauty of the spacecraft, we noticed that there was a light beaming down on us, similar to the ones on the helicopters used by border patrol, except much larger. The light was glimmering from the belly of the spacecraft and was a bluish green in appearance. There was still no sound whatsoever. We all looked around at each other, not really knowing to fear for our lives or revel in our discovery. Entirely without warning, the spacecraft radiated a blinding white light. When we were all able to see again, the UFO was gone, a mere pebble-sized light over the Lagoon. The spacecraft dipped into the water, resurfacing, and zipping out of sight.

When day broke and we were able to hold a thorough investigation of the area, we discovered that our extraterrestrial visitors had left behind several artifacts; however, the bad news was that apparently these beings were more technologically advance than our own kind, because somehow or another, they had managed to wipe clean all of the footage we had shot the night before (on a side note, it’s no wonder that there isn’t any reliable footage of these guys). That was okay though, because the pieces that we received were actually very valuable, rendering actual footage of the visitors pointless.

When we returned home and we were able to run some tests on the pieces, it was discovered that the pieces that the visitors left for us were actually oracles of communication between our world and theirs. Whoever holds the piece will have great, unparalleled, inter-dimensional wisdom and intellect. You will given the answers to questions about existence, the presence of an alien race in our solar system, and the future of mankind. You will be given the exclusive ability to communicate telepathically with beings from another race and dimension, being able to conjure their spirits for guidance, companionship, and support. Oh, I guess I will also mention the following tidbit. It turns out that King Solomon’s source of wealth did come from the Solomon Islands and it was all returned to the islands upon is death. Embedded in the pieces that have been left behind are exclusive, all-access maps that give direction to several locations on the Solomon Islands that hold wealth and riches beyond what any mortal being has known. These pieces will unlock untold magical and mystifying secrets and are available thru Haunted Curiosities.