The Egyptian Key and Opening your Egyptian Eye
The Egyptian Key and Opening your Egyptian Eye
The Egyptian Key and Opening your Egyptian Eye

The Egyptian Key and Opening your Egyptian Eye

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I've discussed this at great length before, but without getting into in major depth-- you cannot expect me to believe that ancient man built the Great Pyramids all by themselves. There was some sort of help involved. It is almost undeniable. The secret, then, is who are the ones that were sent to help the humans create such a relic of grandeur. Although, the explanation where's many different faces and there are many ways to interpret the meanings behind these happenings, there is no denying the fact that it all points in one direction-- AWAY FROM EARTH. You can't tell me that the Egyptians build the pyramids without some sort of divine help or at least magical intervention. Not only looking at the pyramids debunks this theory, but this piece does as well!! You know that we are always getting in Egyptian magic pieces, but I can tell you that this one surely takes the cake is worth your reading further.


Everything that happens in this existence happens for a reason. The Earth orbits the sun at certain degrees and an angles. Other planets hold orbits at their own angles. The Earth's poles run through the center of the Earth and are the main “ley” lines for life. What I'm getting at is the universe “ticks” in a specific rhythm. It isn't chance. It was meticulously laid out in a rhythm that sustains life and the energy flow of existence-- for whatever that is worth. The pyramid is a key holds the very ancient wisdom that is necessary to make the workings of the universe transparent and for you to open up the Egyptian Eye to be able to see magic and energy for what it's worth and how it works around you every day to make the world the place it is.


Take the following into consideration. The base of the Great Pyramid holds an area of about 13 acres. It consists of 2.3 million blocks of stone. These stones weigh, on average, 2.5 tons each-- with some weighing as much as 50 tons!! There are even a few extremely large Granite blocks weighing 100 tons that are situated at around 138 feet off the ground!! The base of the Pyramid is a square with right angles that are accurate within 1/20 of a degree. The sides are equilateral triangles that face TRUE north, south, east, and west-- the four true corners of the Earth!!


Now let us consider that the Hebrew cubit to about 25.025 inches. The length of each side of the base is 365.2422 cubits, which is the EXACT number of days in the solar system. The slope of the sides of the pyramids is situated in such a context that when they meet at the apex, the height is 232.53 cubits. If twice the length of a side at the base were to be divided by the height of the pyramid, it equals 3.14159 or Pi. When pie is multiplied by the diameter of a circle, it gives the circle's circumference... giving meaning to specific orbits and their meaning in life.


The angle of the slope of the pyramid is 10 to 9. For every 10 feet you ascend, you will have risen 9 feet in altitude. If you multiply the altitude of the pyramid by 10 and the raise it to the power of 9, you have 91,840,000, which is the exact distance of the sun from the Earth in miles!!


The cycle of the stars is called the sidereal. The years of the seasons is called equinoctial. They are about 50 seconds apart per year. In other words, the stars lose about 50 seconds each year in relationship to the seasons. In order for the sidereal and equinoctial years to come around and coincide with one another, time must span 25,827 years. This is referred to as a cycle. Now, if you add together the diagonals of the pyramid's base in inches, you will arrive at the same number of inches-- as many years as there are in once cycle!!


Of course, there are the obvious parallels that most of you have already heard about, such as the pyramid is placed EXACTLY at the center of the Earth. If perfect coincides to Orion's belt. It is perfectly aligned with the Sun and Moon. There are so many facts that I'm sure I could cite, but it would take forever. My point is that the pyramid holds the keys to the numerical cycles, magic, and divination that has made up the universe and which is the glue that holds all things together.


Using this piece, you will gain your own Egyptian Key. It will give you an energetic field that, when invoked, will open up a psychic and telekinetic ability that receives it's ability from the capstone of the pyramid, known for it's esoteric and magical abilities. You will be given an eye to see existence in a different light. You will be able to actually see and experience sacred and ancient numerology such as that which was used during the construction of the ancient pyramid.


You can use your new power to open and close doors to portals and parallels, to channel new powers and energies, and to summon a vast host of entities and spirit forms. There's really no telling what you will be able to to with the Egyptian Key, because it unlocks all the depths of the unknown parallels to mankind.


There is a specific way to use this item. You will get one pyramid and all you need to do is take a fingernail clipping or piece of hair and place it inside. This needs to sit for 24 hours. You will have an experience at night when you sleep and then the next day you will have a full opening. The experience is different for everyone so I can't tell you what yours will be. This is almost like what Napoleon had. I myself tested this and my experience was I think just like his.