Baphomet Will Speak Wisdom; Dual Magic, Not a Bit of Evil
Baphomet Will Speak Wisdom; Dual Magic, Not a Bit of Evil

Baphomet Will Speak Wisdom; Dual Magic, Not a Bit of Evil

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Universal Knowledge is what most people seek out.  Well, those who have a mind to become enlightened, anyhow.  Some people are just dumb and would be content to watch cartoon re-runs and listen to mindless, poorly written music.  For those of you who are on my brain frequency and what to achieve the most out of their life by seeking out the truth to universal wisdom, this piece is for you.  It comes from a modern day Masonic Lodge headquarters from the South.  These headquarters are located in Charleston, South Carolina.  The Freemasons call this the capital of all American lodges.  This is because it exists on the 33rd parallel of latitude.  Coincidentally, or probably not so much coincidental as intentional, the mother of all Masonic Lodges is also on the 33rd parallel of latitude.  It is called the Mother Supreme Council of all Masonic Lodges of the World.  Interestingly enough, Baghdad is the modern locations of where the ancient Babylon once existed.
Albert Pike was a Brigadier-General for the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  When the ward was done, he was jailed on charges of treason.  He was quickly release by his fellow Mason, then president Andrew Jackson.  Pike, who was the Grand Master of a Luciferian assembly that called themselves the Order of the Palladium (alternatively, the Sovereign Council of Wisdom), was said to have a bracelet that he used to communicate directly with Satan.  For the purposes of this description, we will call him Baphomet.  This is simply because saying Satan or Lucifer automatically draws a negative connotation.  In all actuality, Satan has a very dual nature and holds a lot of valuable wisdom.  Let us not forget that he was once the most beautiful angel in Heaven, the morning star.  Just because he fell from Heaven does not mean that didn't retain his knowledge.  It's just in the way that he uses this knowledge that makes him evil.  The knowledge and power has absolutely nothing to do with it.  It is purely dual knowledge and power.  
He received this piece from a statue of Baphomet that was delivered to Charleston, South Carolina in the year 180a.  It was delivered by one Issac Long, a Jew who was also a Grand Master Luciferian.  He was also a top-level leader of a Masonic Lodge, having achieve the highest degree possible.  Aside from this he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK.  He claimed that he was able to summon Baphomet by simply calling out to him.  I don't know if this was true or not.  I never ventured down that road.  What I can tell you is that with the statue that is in Charleston, you don't even have to worry about calling out to him, because it will call out to you!  
This piece was made after the Statue of Baphomet in Charleston spoke power into it.  It is a dual piece, it is NOT dark at all.  It has been made just as General Pike's bracelet was made.  This piece embodies the duality of the powers of Baphomet.  Please don't ask us how we got this piece, because there is a really long story behind it.  It was during an investigation and that is all I'm going to say, because it is involved.  Just know there was no selling of the souls.  What I can tell you is that the powers in this piece were spoken into the piece, not even conjured or summoned, but spoken.  The piece contains a dual awakening of magic and knowledge.  When you wear the piece, you will be able to hear the voice of the statue, regardless of where you go.  It holds a direct psychic correlation to the statue in Charleston, that is still used in rituals by the Freemasons to this day.  
When using this piece you can ask for any bit of knowledge or any power.  The secrets behind this wisdom or power will be given to you.  For instance, if you want to gain a certain power, all you have to do is ask the statue to give it to you.  To do this, you would simply repeat the power that you want in your mind, until it is given to you.  Then, you can move onto the next things you want to use this piece for.  As far as the knowledge part of this piece, you can ask it to show you any bit of knowledge that you want.  For instance, you can say to the statue, "Show me ancient Atlantis, or Show me the Garden of Eden."  It will literally give you-- and show you-- any form of knowledge that you want or need in your life.  This combined with the fact that it will grant any power that you ask of it, simply through the psychic connection that you hold with the piece and the statue, is pretty phenomenal.  Remember, this piece is dual.  It has no dark or evil connotation.  The power is dual.  It's how you use it that has the ability to make it light or dark.  We would sincerely hope that you use it for good purposes, but since it is dual there are no restrictions and you can use if for whatever you want. 
This is what has made modern Freemasons so powerful.  They have used this ability to create what they want, when they want.   They have this on-demand service that offers them unlimited knowledge and power creation.  It is the true meaning of what becoming a 3rd Degree Mason means-- the ability to be set free in your own power and knowledge. 
The item you get is a sterling silver pendant, with a crystal attached to it.  The powers have been spoken into it and are located in the crystal, which is guarded by a serpent-- the carnal form of Baphomet.  This is the serpent that once gave Eve the knowledge of the Tree of Life by tricking her into eating the forbidden fruit.  You will wear this pendant on a sterling silver chain of some type and powers will resonate into your body.  That is when you will gain your psychic awakening and connection to the statue that spoke the powers into this piece!!