Devil's Triangle
Devil's Triangle

Devil's Triangle

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Okay, this will be the first and only time that I ever say this.  Get ready for it.  Maybe the human race, in particular the government and the NWO that rules the world, are smarter than what I often times give them credit for.  In general, I have this thing where I think the human race in general is stupid.  I'm not saying ALL humans, but I'd say at least 97% of them are dull minded at best.  I mean, all you have to do is turn on the television and watch Miley Cyrus dancing around naked and riding a wrecking ball to realize this.  However, there are those 3% that I would consider to have a decent amount of intelligence about them.  These are the people I am referring to when I say that maybe I don't give the human race enough credit; just so we're clear.  
Either way, what I'm getting at is that there has been a secret Reconnaissance (Recon) war going on for at least half a century now.  It is going on between the human race, collectively, and a leeching breed of Reptilian Aliens that have taken a liking to our planet.  They landed here even before the Roswell incident and have been here ever since.  They have established a base where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Most of you will have heard this place called the Bermuda Triangle, however it also goes by the name the Devil's Triangle.  This is because in this area there have been countless stories of strange happenings.  Satellite units suddenly fail, people go missing never to be heard from again, people have traveled this area only to suddenly wake up and its years later.  It is a truly a very strange place where otherwise unexplainable occurrences have happened.  They are unexplainable, unless of course, you are a member of that upper-crust society that knows about the recon war that has been going on.  
The most publicized instance of bizarre goings on came in 1945.  An entire squadron of fighter pilots disappeared without a cause or trace.  Then, there was the infamous Flight 19, which disappeared completely, never to be heard of again.  This is because these flights have been intercepted by the reptilians that have established this base.  The base creates an anomaly that kind of draws these types of craft to them.  It's like a giant magnetic force field.  It has also collected ocean liners, submarines, and other types of ships in general.  The aliens intercept these things, with humans on board, as a means to collect data on humans.  I personally think that they are simply researching humans to learn more about them.  I mean, they have to be more intelligent than us, for two reason.  First, they are here.  They have developed a high-tech means of traveling through universes that are light years away.  Two, if they aren't more intelligent than us, hope is bleak.  
On the other side, you have the humans who don't fully understand the aliens and their presence on Earth.  They have established secret institutions that have spied on the aliens and have somehow managed to come back.  You would think that with total alien surveillance that the humans would be at a stalemate disadvantage.  They aren't though, as we have sent in operatives that have returned with valuable information and research.  I'm not sure how this has been done, but this is why I said that maybe I owe the human race a little bit more credit than I give.  Thus far, we have actually fared pretty well in obtaining information about the aliens.  Maybe it's just the aliens allowing us to think we are winning.  Either way, this sort of new-age cold war has been going on for half a century, at least, and it doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon.  It's basically humans vs. reptilians.  I mean, you know it's serious when the United States, Russian, China, Iran, the EU and Australia all team up to accomplish a common objective.  
This piece was secured from a secret chamber inside the Pentagon.  It was built to specifically handle any and all findings that have come from the Devil's Triangle.  We have a secret operative inside the Pentagon who has taken this item for us.  Obviously, I'm not going to tell you who our operative is because I can't give our secret away.  We have gotten pieces from him many times before and they all work like clockwork.  We have tested this piece and can confirm that works to specifications.  What this piece holds is the presence of a reptilian alien.  When you use the piece, he will come to you in full form and show himself to you.  You don't have to worry about any kind of backlash, because he is in total bondage, meaning he is under lock and key.  He must do what the person who owns him says.  There is no other option for him, whatsoever.  Well, I call it a him because it appears to be a him, but I'm not totally sure how gender works with these reptilians, so I'm just not sure.  
This alien holds a vast network of secret information and knowledge.  This includes time travel, astral travel, advanced healing, star gate/portal creation, matter creation using the energies of the cosmos, mind control, energetic manipulation, teleportation, and advance psychic awakening among many others.  He can even give you the information necessary to build your own alien aircraft!  In fact, if I tried to list all of the things that this alien could teach you, I'd have to type and type and type.  I have other things to accomplish today, so I just listed the most interesting ones.  For instance, he has taught me how to move things using only my mind.  I actually used this information to bring me my cell phone when I was feeling too lazy to get up and walk across the room.  I know, it's terrible, but it's true and it gives a profile of how easy it can be to pick things up using this piece.  This is because you will get an alien with unlimited knowledge that has to give you the secrets of whatever you tell it to.  It's a firsthand account with an original teacher.  This is likely the only piece like this that we will get, so if it is something that interests you, then you should get it.  You will not likely have another opportunity such as this one!   

 The item you will get is a sterling silver ring infused with turqouise design.