A Dozen Divine Skulls
A Dozen Divine Skulls

A Dozen Divine Skulls

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This is a very simple piece and there isn't a huge backstory to it.  We realize that sometimes people find themselves in a bad way.  It's during these times that divine white light magic can help.  This piece holds twelve skulls and into each one of these skulls is placed a Novena that corresponds to a saint for intervention.  This is the divine white light of God, so can use this piece knowing that whatever you are going through is going to be settled for good.  The following saints have been conjured into this piece.  There is no need for any ritual of any kind, as the piece comes pre-activated with the novenas.  All you have to do is wear the piece. The saints and the magic you will receive are as follows:
Saint Anthony-- works wonders to find lost or hidden items, including lost treasures
Saint Raphael-- He is the healer of God and will cure you of any impurities
Saint Peter--  He will open roads, remove obstacles, and bring overall success
Saint Martin-- Wealth in the form attracting customers to business
Saint Jude-- He will help you overcome all impossibilities-- ALL OF THEM
Saint Lazareth-- Heals physical and spiritual sickness 
Saint Expeditus-- settles disputes and brings justice in the form of revenge for your enemies and blessings for you and your famliy
Saint Dymphna--  Promotes mental clarity and relieves mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc.  Is also used to cure demonic possession.
Saint Joseph-- He will help you find a job, even in this crappy economy.
Our Lady of Charity-- Keeps the home free of evil presence and will also help you to find your true love.  
Our Lady of Mercy-- Will help you with your education and bring you good grades, you can use this for yourself in college or bless your kids with it.
Saint Christopher-- Divine protection during travel.